Thursday, September 20, 2018

It's been a long time

Hello anyone still reading. I haven't posted in a really long time. I have just been living my normal-ish life being super busy with work, events & friends. My Love and support of Crossdressers and the Transgender community has not waned. I also am a supporter of the Drag community. I am a listening ear to people who need it. I give advise if wanted and I try to go on outings as much as possible. Though, I have to admit, I was supposed to hang with a friend all summer and put it off a lot of times. Not because of them but because of Me. I lost a job I had for about 5 years the beginning of this summer and just got so depressed. I didn't want to go out and spend money doing things I just wasn't in the mood to do. I wasn't in the mood to do 'Girl' things. I didn't want to get my nails done. I didn't want to look at cute things. I just wanted to be home in my comfy clothes not putting makeup on me or others. They were left feeling like they did something wrong, i had to assure them that it was me. I've been having depression over the past 3 or 4 years. Human brains are weird.

Let me see. Updates:

Supporting Philly Aids Thrift in Philadelphia! My good friend James has fundraisers going on for PAT which is a thrift store that distributes their proceeds to local organizations in the fight against HIV/AIDS. There was a movie viewing last night that I co-hosted. In October there will be a Boo-lesque performance type fundraiser. Hopefully we will raise a lot of money for them.

Planning on going to another Raven Event that is coming up in October. Get to see my Girls and hang out a bit, Dance around, have some fun! You can join the MATC on Facebook...or look at it and find a chapter local to you. This is for like the Philly/NJ community Good deal of NYC and some Connecticut ladies here as well. Its for Transwomen & Crossdressers

Our dear Paula, who you may have read about in previous blog posts, is Engaged to a Lovely young lady and they have a beautiful baby together! The fiance IS accepting of Paula as well!!! Congratulations Paula!!! You won the Jackpot!

Hmmm...What else? I have performed at like LGBT events (singing). My kid came out as Agender & Pansexual. Both not a huge deal to me, Obviously.

I guess that's all for Updates...Email me suggestions as to what to talk about.

I Love you all!