Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I can't do the Philly Pride Parade this Year...

I stretched myself too thin that weekend and didn't have the funds to get a float...I will plan better for next year. I will do a fundraiser so we can have a float and invite as many people as I can to be part of the experience. Once I know next year's date I'll start planning.

What are your Ideas for the float's theme? I'd generally do a Pirate theme...Just cause...Pirate Pebbs and all...

We will have at least one sponsor...at least 2 by name. One being Global Grafx. Another being Dr. Thunder Karaoke since I am a host for Dr Thunder Karaoke.

Sorry I haven't posted mych. I';ve been posting more on the Facebook group where its more little bursts of posts.

I do have some friends who want to get their stories out there.

This past weekend I spent a couple days with my T-Girl friends outside of the Raven Parties! That was exciting for me. I'm like never personally invited to events...I know its not meant to slight me at all but I'd always wished to be invited. I'll spill more about that later.

I gotta get back to work...since...well...I'm at one of my jobs. Just wanted to update you on whats (not) happening with me.

Oh Also I saw One of my Fav Drag Queens this week! Pic Below!

Pirate Pebbs Loves You!

Misty Maven & Pirate Pebbs