Sunday, April 5, 2015

Shall We Walk in the Philly Pride Parade 2015?

I apologize for my absence. I have been (as i've said a million times before and shall probably continue to say for a while) working a whole lot lately and haven't been able to post often. Ok my posts are quite random and I have 0 time management skills.

That said, I have been on the Straight Crossdressers and Friends Facebook group where during some recent discussions I came up with an idea.
We should participate in the Philly Pride Parade!
I feel that Straight Crossdressers are under represented especially in the LGBT world. Since Crossdressing falls into the very grey areas of the 'T' and Straight Crossdressers are rarely if ever represented in the 'T'...we should do something about it. I would like to have Straight Crossdressers represented in the Philly Pride Parade!

I first have to make sure it isn't too late to register (the website didn't say it was too late but I have to call to be sure). Meanwhile I will make a banner to be walked with or put onto a vehicle. So far the only people committed to it is myself and another GG friend... 2 GGs are not the greatest representation of Straight crossdressers...I mean we can dress as guys while we walk But I would LOVE it to have some Actual Straight Crossdressers participate as well (MtF & FtM).

Would YOU be willing to participate? Will you help US change how crossdressers are represented? Currently when people see people that they assume are crossdressers they automatically assume that they are interested in the same sex that they are assigned at birth (men interested in men, women interested in women). A Large majority of Crossdressers are interested in the opposite sex and the world at large doesn't recognize that they even exist. That includes many gay people who don't realize that straight crossdressers exist.

The parade is on Sunday June 14th, 2015.


Please let me know if you think you'd be available and would like to participate. You can email me at:
More info can be found on the website:

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