Sunday, February 22, 2015

See me at the LGBT Expo 2015 in NYC

Hello everyone. I know its been a while. I'll be singing and talking about this blog as well as the Straight Crossdressers and Friends Facebook Group. The awesome Appolonia Cruz will be hosting the at the LGBT Expo at the Video Lounge on Saturday February 28th & Sunday March 1st. My friend Frankie will be performing on Saturday and I will be singing on Sunday. After my song i'll sit down with Appolonia and we'll talk about what i'm hoping to accomplish which is acceptance of crossdressers and for people to be non-judgmental about how people, particularly crossdressers. People always assume that because a man wears womens clothing that 1: they want to BE women and 2: they want to date men (same thing for women who wear mens wear). Where both may be true for some people it is not true for everyone. Just because a man wears a dress we should assume nothing but that he likes the particular clothing he's wearing. We shouldn't assume his gender identity OR his sexual preference. We shouldn't assume that of anyone period.

I wonder if I can get anyone to record it for me this year...maybe i'll set up my camera for video again this year.

I've been sick...all year. Been to the doctor and they say its my allergies...Seriously??? My allergies make me feel like i have a really bad cold....which sux. I've been having throat pain and have not been singing for weeks. I think my performance is gonna be as bad as last year...the horror... Whatever. I'll make the best of it.

I do love you all and wish I had more time to post. I post a bit more on the facebook page. Straight Crossdressers and Friends Group (this is a closed group, you have to respond back to the message from one of the 3 admins to be added)
Here is the thing about the group. EVERYONE is screened. I explain the rules a bit and you have to agree to them, mostly to weed out spammers and people who are looking to date same sex as themselves crossdressers because most of the group is straight and hate being hit on by people of the same gender.
We still have our facebook page as well

I love you all and I will be posting more soon.

Pirate Pebbs

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