Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sorry I haven't updated in a while.

I'm still around. I've been soooooo very busy lately. I feel bad that I haven't posted much at all. Not even on FB much but i'm there. If you haven't already Please join our Facebook group. Straight Crossdressers & Friends Facebook Group. I do screen the group to make sure there are no bots are spammers. I will send you a message, so make sure you use a profile that is able to receive messages otherwise you won't be added to the group. I'll ask you a question from my personal profile & You will need to respond back. If you respond back in a spambot-ish way...well...i'll keep talking a bit with you and as long as I know you're human and you agree to the rules ( if posting pics they must be appropriate for kids to see cause a lot of my group members have kids, myself included and we don't want our kids looking over our shoulders & seeing porn on our screens...i mean...there are other groups where that is acceptable but Not in our group).

I Love you all & think you are ALL wonderful people!

Here is a Pic of Me, Pirate Pebbs, from my recent trip to Otakon! (Anime convention where I often dress as Me, Pirate Pebbs)

Love Always,
Pirate Pebbs


  1. Yeah, I just start uploading stuff into different entries with different titles, and save them until I have time to edit & publish them... or, if I have a ton of stuff, I schedule them with publishing dates so that the blog readers don't get suddenly overwhelmed.

  2. Hey, just added you after seeing you on Huff Post live.
    I sent you a hangout message - I meant it.
    Love the blog too! I'll give it a follow, I'd really appreciate it if you looked at mine too, would be cool to have a genetic girl sharing her opinions with me :)

    Looking forward to your next post