Friday, May 23, 2014

Major Fail on my part

I had planned on posting once a week....I failed miserably this year. Thing is I have a new-ish Job and I didn't realize i'd be so drained after working. Not just that, my 10 yo daughter needs a lot of my time & my Sweetie is also time consuming. Tuesday next week is the 2 yr anniversary of my first date with my crossdressing sweetie. He is elated that i've been with him so long and hopes we'll stay together...well...forever.

Anywho I will leave you with this:

Yes...Eddie Izzard!!! That's just the clip w/me. I'll post the full video as well a lil later.

I love you ALL and have not forgotten about you. I have friended a few of you on facebook and many of you have liked our Facebook page and more & more of you are joining our Facebook group! Keep joining, make posts, make friends, and also remember....all ages page, no NSFW pics PLEASE. There are PLENTY of other groups that are all about the NSFW type pics. Thanks!

Pirate Pebbs

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