Monday, March 3, 2014

Our Frock Magazine 2014 Cover Girl Contest Entrants

Three Straight Crossdressers I know are competing in this contest. I would LOVE it if one of our lovelies would win! You can vote for all three of them by clicking their links and clicking vote.

One of them was interviewed last year in our 'Interview with a Straight Crossdresser'
Here is Gia!

Click Here to Vote for Gia

Next is the winner of our 500 Likes on Facebook Poster Contest.
Here's Tabbitha!

Click Here to Vote for Tabbitha

Last but not least is a more recent Facebook friend and aspiring Model.
Here's Paige!

Click Here to Vote for Paige

Good Luck to You All!!! I wish you ALL could win but if not all of you at least one of you!

~Pirate Pebbs

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  1. Some absolutely stunning entries - I'm quite anxious to see who comes out with the cover.