Sunday, February 9, 2014

Messages from Readers #1

Since I started posting about my blog in various profiles that i've used for dating over the years, I gotten a few letters from readers…ok…more like comments from readers and I want to share some of them with you. I’m just gonna abbreviate their names or their screen names so as not to expose them w/o permission (if your screen name happens to be one of the abbreviations, it is simply unintentional). I will be posting more in upcoming posts. If you see your comment here and would like me to put your screen name or real name just email me at
These were left as messages in my OKCupid profile.

Pirate Pebbs
4/18/2012- Hey, just a friendly message! As a straight guy who dresses up, I can appreciate your blog! Thanks honey!

5/17/2012- Hello, I read you blog and it's awesome! Immediate add to my reader. It's good to know there are well adjusted women out there who can appreciate people with my certain disposition. It makes me want to branch out and make a real attempt to find someone, but you are right. Nine times out of ten it doesn't go well and now I have resorted to telling new interests up front before the first date but usually it turns out there is no first date! lol. Anyway this is turning into a ramble. Thank you again. 

7/6/2012- are in inspiration! :) 
I am a straight man, and have been crossdressing for quite some time. Actually, I have not worn male underwear for about 5 years. Even at work, underneath my slacks, you will always find a pretty pair of panties. :) 
I just thought about saying hello, and to thank you for being so open minded. I wish more people were like you. 
Now excuse me while I go do my laundry, full of panties, stockings, and bras. :)

2/7/2013- I am a male crossdresser. Thank you for your kind words, and your blog. ITs very big of you to put a voice out there, and realize, most men are straight that do it. Thanks!
9/165/2013- You sound like an amazing person!! It's gets exacerbating with women who automatically assume I'm gay or want a sex reassignment simply because I enjoy wearing makeup, dress and pantyhose! 
So good to know women like you exist!

10/29/2013- Just wanted to say I really dig the blog.


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