Sunday, January 19, 2014

RuPaul's Drag Race Battle of the Seasons at the Troc 2014

This week, on January 16th, Paula & I went to the Trocadero in Philadelphia where Drag Race Contestants from several seasons were to perform. The night was hosted by Michelle Visage and starred Manila LuzonPandora Boxx & Sharon Needles  Ivy Winters, Alaska Thunderfuck, Mimi Imfurst & Phi Phi O'Hara with special guest Jiggly Caliente. 

I missed out on getting VIP tickets this time (those tickets sell out fast) but I at least had tickets for the show. When I go to a drag show I want to look like I at least Tried with my make-up (ok, i couldn't remember where I last had my foundation so that wasn't worn). I think I did well. I looked quite ...noticeable. It was a standing room type of establishment on the floor. We decided to stand a lil bit off from the stage to a slightly higher area where I could see what was going on well. The only con was that I wasn't allowed to bring my dslr camera and had to use a Canon Power Shot. Everything looked further away than what it really was. Ah well, what could you do?

The Show started with Michelle singing a version of 'Science Fiction Double Feature' from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Then went on to performances. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the performances. There were video clips interspersed in the show, before & during performances. Lots of live singing as well as a good deal of lip singing. Carmen Carrera was supposed to be there but couldn't so Jiggly Caliente stood in, which was cool. Ivy Winters did a few performances on stilts as well as juggling knives & eating fire. Pandora Boxx did an awesome comedy routine. Manila did a great...everything! I Love Manila's style & all over zaniness. I recommend anyone who can to see the show. They are performing in a few more cities together. 

While I was at the show I saw someone that I thought i'd met before, turns out it wasn't. But Long story short, I made a new friend. A local CD named Trixie whom i've been chatting with in the days since. Seems like a pretty cool person. You never know who you'll meet when you go to shows. I also saw one of my Karaoke friends at the show.

After the show there was a free after party at club Voyeur (for the people who went to the show) where a lot of the Queens from the show were going to. I went over there and they had their weekly drag show still happening. So I saw a few of philly's local drag queens. Some I'd seen before Like Satine Harlow & Lady Poison, as well as some I'd never seen before. There were maybe 6 performances left that I was able to see. All were enjoyable. During the ending of the show a few of the queens who had been at the Troc were in attendance. I saw (ok ...kinda chased down) Manila and told him how Awesome I thought he was...wish i'd had my camera out...whateva. Anywho, I went home around 2am happy that i'd had a chance to go and see some awesome performances!

The following is a link to the rest of the performances:

Here are a few pics & a link to all the pictures I took with my non-DSLR camera. RDR BOTS Pics

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