Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year 2014 Resolutions

Happy 2014! My resolution is that I will post every week! I did this resolution the year before last and it worked quite well for me. I didn't do it last year and I was sans many posts. This year I resolve to do much better than last. I have been working on 2 posts that are yet unfinished.

Within the next few weeks (date yet undetermined) Huff Post Live will do another spot on Straight Crossdressers. There is a call for couples. Are you in love with a crossdresser? You can be a Genetic Female that dresses as Male dating or married to a Genetic Male or you can be a Genetic Male who dresses Female who is dating or married to a Genetic Female. If you are interested in participating Please email me at:
You do Not have to reveal your face. You can have your face blurred or even just have a photograph up while they interview you. I will be participating as well. They plan on doing an on going series about straight crossdressers so even if you miss the deadline (to be added when determined) you could still participate in an upcoming segment.
We really need your support if we are going to help change the perceptions of crossdressers in society.

What are your resolutions for the new year? Share with us here or share with us on facebook.

 Love, Pirate Pebbs

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