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Interview with a Straight Crossdresser #4

This week we have an interview that I started 6 months ago and through a series of events going on in my life, I.... didn't finish. Now, thanks to their reminder, It has been finished.

This week we interview 18 year old Victoria from Whittier, California.
*Victoria in the white satin top.
Pebbles: About when did you become interested in or start crossdressing?

Victoria: I started around the age of 10 with my moms bras and slips, but then stopped once I got into middle school. After that I didn’t really start doing it again until 2011, my junior year of high school and that's when I started buying my own clothes and creating 'Victoria'.

Pebbles: Where did you go to buy your first items of clothing?

Victoria: eBay, the first item I ever bought was a white satin top. In fact it’s the one I'm wearing in my profile pic*

Pebbles: Very cool!

Pebbles: Have you ever been 'caught' crossdressing? If so, by who? What was the outcome?

Victoria: I have been caught with the items (clothes, wigs and such) in my room by my mom and she's confused by it but she never really confronts me about it. But caught fully crossdressed? No not yet thank goodness

Pebbles: I hear ya!

Pebbles: Does any of your family know you 'dress'?

Victoria: Yes, my cousins Janelle, Marissa and Jessie, whom I'm close with know about it and are very supportive. Janelle and I are especially close and we often exchange christmas gifts. I just came out to her a few months before and she got me an e.l.f makeup kit!

Pebbles: AWESOME!!! I love the family involvement!

Pebbles: Have you ever gone out crossdressed in public?

Victoria: Yes, yes many times. Since going to college I have gone out in public on campus, to the nearby business and around my neighborhood, with some special memories on a few occasions.

Pebbles: Care to share a memory?

Victoria: Oh, there's so many. So I'll share a small sample a few. Going out crossed for the first time outside of campus to the real world; Going to 7/11 and 'Stater Bros' all due to my professor. Halloween: Going to a salon, getting my wig done and going to class startling my classmates who couldn't believe it was me. 
Going to get a pedicure with a friend of mine and being treated like two princesses. 
And sneaking an outfit into a family christmas party and showing my cousins ‘Victoria’. So many precious memories in only 4 months of going out dressed in public!

Pebbles: WOW!!! Those are some Great moments! Thank you for sharing.  

Pebbles: Did anyone teach you how to apply makeup? Do you have someone do it for you? Are you learning/ have you learned through youtube vids?

Victoria: Nope, self taught. But for me its easy since I really just do eye shadow, foundation and lipstick when go out. I really don't do elaborate makeup like other crossdressers. Only when my cousin Janelle gave me the e.l.f makeup did someone else do my makeup for me.

Pebbles: That's cool. You don't need to go all out make-up crazy. In fact, for the most part, less is more. 

Pebbles:Do/Have you worn fake nails or nail polish?

Victoria: I haven't worn fake nails yet, but I have worn nail polish. I get my nails painted everytime I go for a pedicure.

Pebbles: Awesome!

Pebbles: Are you 'Passing' or is it your goal to be passing? If so would you go out in public crossdressed regularly?

Victoria: I always want to pass because it makes me feel good and empowered. I honestly think I could do a little more to pass better, but I think I pass at a good enough level. Although even if I didn't I would still go out because I love going on adventures.

Pebbles: That’s cool.

Pebbles: Do you tuck & Shave when you crossdress?

Victoria: I shave my face and neck every time before I go out. So much so I actually got an electric razor for christmas. I do tuck but very lazily and not super convincingly.

Pebbles: What makes you want to crossdress? How does it make you feel?

Victoria: Feeling pretty and alive makes me want to crossdress. I love the feeling of lipstick and gloss on my lips, how beautiful I look when I put my wig on and inspecting myself in the mirror. I feel elated and happy when I crossdress, just the feeling of satin and sandals give me a feeling of calm and contentment that nothing else can make me feel.

Pebbles: Ideally what percentage of your time would you prefer to be 'dressed'? Like...if it was a month. 50% dressed, more/less?

Victoria: Haha, that's a good question. I mean I LOVE dressing up and I would be Victoria 100% of the time if I could. But at the same time I like being a guy and not having to act prim and proper. I kind of compare to an experience had at my high school's football games. I would love looking at the cheerleaders because they were so attractive and beautiful, but at the same time I would long to be one of them cheering on the sideline in uniform and makeup waving my pom-poms around in white shoes. So even though Victoria would love to be out all the time, she can get nudged aside pretty quickly.

Pebbles: lol! So, more like 50/50-ish or more like, 'when the mood sets me'?

Victoria: 50/50 I suppose, lol. A long analogy to get to a simple answer, haha

Pebbles: lol, its a good one though

Pebbles: Are you currently dating anyone? If so, does she know?

Victoria: No,  I'm currently single.

Pebbles: Have you had one since you started crossdressing?

Victoria: Thank you and no I haven't dated yet since becoming Victoria.

Pebbles: Well, I'm sure that will change.

Pebbles: Is there anything else you would like the public to know about you? Or do you have an interesting story to share?

Pebbles: By the way, looking at your pictures, You are ADORABLE!!!

Victoria: Thank you so much. Yes, I would just like to thank all of the people who had helped me over the past few months. My English/Speech professor Ms. Maya Staylor actually help me go out in public for the first time (outside campus) and was always welcoming when I came visit as Victoria, I owe her a lot for encouraging me to become Victoria and I enjoy every moment of it. I would also like to thank Lihn, the stylist who does my wigs, she is so welcoming and sweet everytime I go and makes me look so beautiful, I encourage any crossdresser in the Walnut area (in California) to visit her at Newen's Beauty Salon (909)910-623 Tues, Thurs. And finally I'd like to my friends and family for being so encouraging of Victoria and letting me gush over my adventures as her.

Pebbles: AWESOME!!! I'm so glad you have such a GREAT support system! Thank You for interviewing with me!

So ladies, Victoria is also single and looking. If you’re in the Whittier Area of California and are interested in conversing with Victoria, you can send an email to with your name age and reply email (a picture wouldn’t hurt as well, I mean, you see Victoria right here) and I will pass the info to Victoria.

Until next time, Have fun & stay safe!
Victoria's First time out!

Love Always,
Pirate Pebbs

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