Monday, November 11, 2013

SCD on HuffPost Live Today & Upcoming posts

A couple of posts are in the works. 'Pebbs & Paula go to Glamour Boutique', 'Raven 17' & 'Straight Crossdressers on Huff Post Live!'. Today, Monday November 11th, at 4:40pm HuffPost Live is doing a piece on Straight Crossdressers and they reached out to me. They were hoping I could help with the segment. I posted about it on the Facebook page and the Facebook Group. A few were interested but lacked what was needed to interview, a webcam. There is at least one other girl from the facebook group who is hoping to participate. It'll be Great if she actually can! Its a shame they didn't contact me a week or so ago so that I could have tried to get more people involved but I did what I could I do. I'll be there and the segment will probably be rewatchable after it airs. I'll be back with those up coming posts as soon as I can!
Pirate Pebbs

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