Saturday, June 29, 2013

What is Normal?

So, I would like to let you all know that I appreciate all who view my blog & send me email letting me know how much you appreciate my efforts. I think every one of you are special unique individuals! whether you be the curious first time reader or the reader of everything I write (sorry i don't update often enough) I think you are all the best.

One thing that I find odd. There seems to be...elitist crossdressers out there. CDs who think they're better than other CDs for some reason. For example the Very passing adult type of crossdressers putting down the lolita (aka young style) crossdressers. I know adult GGs who like to dress in lolita style, no one talks bad about them...ok maybe some (non anime fans) do but for anime fans its a non issue. Or the Make-up CDs vs the No Make-up CDs. Does it matter that some wanna Put on make-up and really girl themselves up and they are still as straight a man as a non dressing man or another man who dresses in women's clothing and doesn't wear make-up?

I understand that what is our own 'normal' may be abnormal to someone else but, can't we acknowledge each others differences without putting each other down? I know its hard. Most of us grow up thinking what happened in our family growing up is what happened in other families. They watched the same tv shows & listened to the same, or similar music. Then we, lets say, go to college. Meet people our own age from different parts of the country or world and talk about our family lives and realize that our 'normal' is not everyone's normal. You may find out that your 'normal' was a bit rougher than other people's normal. Maybe your friends would have loved to have had your normal while you hated your 'normal'. We meet every day with people whose life choices we wouldn't have made yet do we constantly put them down for it? For example. You make friends with someone at work. You normally only see them during working hours and never have lunch at the same time. One day you have lunch together and find out your new friend is Vegan and you are a proud Omnivore who is nearly a total carnivore! Do you put your friend down just because they don't eat meat (or vice versa)? Will you constantly tell them they are wrong because their choice of food is different from your own? You both still eat vegetables (you both still wear clothing meant for the opposite gender). You both enjoy each others company outside the lunchroom. Why is it so difficult to deal with them not eating the same exact foods (clothing style) as you? It shouldn't make a difference. It doesn't make you a bad person because you eat meat. It doesn't make you a bad person because you don't eat meat.

So, yeah. The crossdressing community is quite varied. A Rainbow of shades of grey. Lets try not to put each other down. Don't put down the Adult Babies. Don't put down the Lolitas/ the ones who like to wear young kids styles of clothing. Don't put down those who wear make-up. Don't put down those who wear no make-up. Don't put down the dudes in dresses who sport a full beard. Don't put down the ones who just like to wear womens underwear under their clothes. How bout just embracing people's differences whether you would dress as they would or not.

Thats all I have to say for now.

I love you all,

Pirate Pebbs!

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  1. Pebbles, I'm sorry, but Lolita fashion isn't as you put it a young kids styles of clothing." I'll explain more in a hangout about what Lolita fashion is. Still you've made a very good point in this post on not judging one for their dress sense.