Friday, April 26, 2013

Sorry I’ve been away…Sometimes Life Happens

So yeah, sometimes life happens and I don’t get around to posting. Sometimes I’m sick, sometimes I’m stressed, sometimes I’m running around doing everything yet nothing, sometimes I’m spending time with my daughter, sometimes gardening, sometimes typing run on sentences…sometimes I’m just lazy and doing nothing cause I can. So here’s a lil update on me. 
I just got a new car!!! …ok New to me. It’s a 2009 Elantra. You may recall that I was in a car accident about 8 months back. I’d been in rental cars and borrowing cars for work. Insurance company…sucked majorly. I had to get a lawyer to get my insurance company to do their job….yeah….not fun. American Independent, worst insurance company ever! Ok, back to the present-ish.  
I also have a new camera because my old camera pretty much died. As you will see when I post the very few pics I took at the last Raven party (which I still need to blog about). The camera started dying at the end of a Raven party…so, yeah. So, now I pretty much have what I need to do more freelance photography, so that’s good at least. 
Let’s see…My garden is doing well, strawberries starting to flower, Kale is still alive, I think this is year 3 for them! I have much chocolate mint…and other things that no one cares about but me. My job has been veryyyyyyyyyyy part time for a long time so I’m also actively looking for other employment or a 2nd job. Hopefully I can just do freelance to make ends meet. 
Shopping has been happening. Just the other day Paula, Jerome & I took a girl going through transition shopping for girl clothes out in a mall for the first time. That was fun.
I’ve been wanting to do a video blog post for a while. Every time I’m ready to do it something comes up to prevent me from actually filming. Random stuff…I’ll get it done eventually. I’ve been working on a logo design as well. 
I also co-host &/or photograph at Dr. Thunder Karaoke in Philadelphia. Lots of my nights are full of singing. One of my CD friends in Wisconsin decided to give me an awesome gift, a brand new Corset from Corset story!!! That should be coming in within the next few days. He wants me to do corset waist training with him. Will Do! I’ve been friends with him since about January last year. I really do appreciate it J. I wish there were something I could do for him but…I guess I’m doing what I can right now by blogging and talking to all my CD friends letting them know that it’s OK to crossdress. There are totally accepting females who are somewhere out there waiting for them. 
Back when I decided I wanted to start dating crossdressers I had no idea where to look. Most women who are into crossdressers don’t usually go out actively seeking them. Because I did I found sooooooooo many beautiful men out there. Lots of them have great personalities. Most are totally non-creepy. Most are respectful. Most I’d totally hang out with offline if they were local. Most were not local. One local CD though, I have had the pleasure of getting to know for the past year. I’ve been seeing him (mostly non-exclusively) for the past year. It’s been quite a nice experience. Way better than I’d expected. I had planned on doing another separate blog about the crossdressers I’d seen & dated but…well…I don’t even keep up with this blog so, who am I kidding? I won’t keep up with that. Maybe I’ll add some tidbits here & there about those few individuals. Won’t use names but if they’re reading, they’d know I was talking about them. Wow! This post is going everywhere. Well. I haven’t posted in a while and have had a lot on my mind. I think I’ll end it here-ish.

~Pirate Pebbs~

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