Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day 2013

So, it'll probably be after V-day when you all see this, sorry. I've been sick. I just wanted to give a warm shout out to everyone out there. I also wanted to quote RuPaul and myself with this next pic and what I copy & paste below it from the Facebook page associated with this page:

RuPaul has been saying those words forever and they are true. Some people get into relationships not loving themselves and hoping the other person validates their existence. You can't go in that way; it will ultimately fail. Everyone gets depressed, sad and lonely, its no reason to hate yourself. Realize that you are worth it. You are worth your love and additionally you will be worth someone elses. It all starts with you. If you crossdress, realize its not shameful. you can crossdress and love yourself. If you can let your light shine no matter what you're wearing, people will see that. Show your happy glow on the outside and people will notice...maybe (hopefully) the right people. The people who won't judge you for wearing what makes you feel happy. So love yourselves, then love others, you will get some love back. May not be today, may not be next week but it'll happen. If no one else, Pirate Pebbs Loves You!!!

I was shown some Love today. I had a special valentine this year (first time in many years, believe it or not), you all know her as Paula. Paula (guy mode version, but i shall continue using girl name and pronouns for continuity's sake) got me a vase of flowers (including in the mix my fav flower the Stargazer Lilly) Brunch in bed (cause i've been sick and haven't left the house all week) from a favie restaurant Riverwinds (I highly recommend the place, found it from so if you're looking to gain loyalty as a restaurateur it works. They no longer use but we still go and I wish I were getting paid or free food for recommending them) and the ultimate gift for a girl like me...a new(-ish) X-Box 360!!! (i say new-ish cause its the refurbished older style 360 but exactly what i wanted cause i have a hard drive with all my saved games and i didn't wanna lose my saves and start all over again with games & extras i had) So all of that stuff made for a pretty happy v-day for me :) I...made Paula some jewelry and gave her a framed pic of us. Pics below, they're cell phone pix...i'm sick didn't feel like getting my swanky camera :p

I didn't take a pic of the framed pic, but it was in a black frame and I wrote 'Happy Valentines Day 2013' on it. Was nice. I am confident that a day will come where all my pretty GM (who like to dress en fem) ISO GG's will find who they are looking for. :)

Pirate Pebbs Loves you ALL!!!

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