Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paula's Make-up for Raven 13

**Since I’ve been selling Avon, I’ve been using more and more Avon make-up on her face. After a good shave I used an Avon stick style concealer over the area that may later house a 5’o clock shadow. Over that I put the Avon Liquid Foundation over the area that I just put the concealer over. That way it’s double concealed. Over that and all over the face I put the bare minerals foundation etc to blend everything in. The mineral make-up makes the whole face look like it has light make-up on. You can’t tell that the beard area is heavily concealed. Awesome!!! Next I used this ‘warm’ powder mineral make-up on the contour areas. Cheeks, under chin & forehead area. I decided to kinda wing it with the eye make-up. Used some more Avon make-up. I got this huge kit of eyeshadows, blushes & lip color from avon when it was on sale for $19 now it’s back to $30-ish bucks..if its even available anymore. It has so many shades and stuff…totally worth it! I used some tips I got from watching Manila Luzon’s NYE smokey eye make-up tutorial (which I used for Paula when we went to Diamonds Karaoke the week before) but I didn’t go through the whole tutorial again. We haven’t done anything to Paula’s eyebrows (shaving, plucking etc) ever. I kinda re-shape them a bit using make-up. I use a white shimmery shadow that I got from Sephora (for free a couple of years ago) on top of the eyebrows at the outer corners to make them look thinner there. I use brown makeup on a eyebrow brush to fill in the brows a bit and make an arch with the color on the outside edge of the upper natural brow area. If that makes any sense to anyone but me. Next I used this dark shimmery grey in the crease area and a lighter grey on the eyelid. Liquid liner on the eyes with a bit of a wing tip. Paula finished up with the mascara & lipstick. Paula's face was  FINALLY done! Took us maybe 1.5 hours. We're getting better. Way down from 4 hours at the begining. Next is to get Paula to be able to do this all herself!

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