Sunday, January 13, 2013

Musing over Raven 13 dinner

At The Raven's dinner last night were 2 adult babies sitting at a table. I really liked their outfits. I wanted to go over and talk to them, but i was at another table chatting with some other girls. They got up to leave before i had a chance to get to them but they were about to pass me. I told one of them that i loved their outfit. She thanked me and told me she was 8. I told her she was quite a tall 8 yr old. She then directed me to her partner, even taller than her, and told me she was 5. I was like, "wow! You must have been drinking a lot of milk to grow so tall!" They seemed happy and finished leaving. After they left, one of the girls i was talking to told me that they often come to the dinners and that she was the first person to talk to them. I was shocked. It seems...the adult babies are kinda ill treated in the community. I'm learning that...every community of 'peoples' are kinda clique-y. A lot of times TV's stick together and kinda look down upon the CD's. The 'adult  styled' CD's seem to look down upon the 'adult baby' CD's. Then there are others that don't quite fit the mold that others have imposed are there. It's so odd that the 'T' of the LGBT community is so divided being that they as a whole are so misunderstood.

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