Monday, January 7, 2013

CD Karaoke at Diamonz

This past Friday I went to a Karaoke in the Allentown area at a place called Diamonz where I met some people from the T-Girls United meet-up group. (Before we went I looked up Manila Luzon's NYE Smoky eye make-up tutorial and made up Paula's face) Every 1st friday of the month there is a meet for the gurls up there (though every friday they have karaoke). Paula & I went up there and...well...sat around for a while till Karaoke began. We did have a few drinks first. They had a special on this shot called blue lollypop...or something like that. It was really good. I think i had 2-3 shots. After that I did order a Rum & Ginger ale (something i usually order at the bar I host karaoke at) was one of the worst tasting Rums ever. Whatever brand their well Rum is (bottle looked way generic)...I hate it. I took 2 small sips, separated by a few minutes and could not stand it. I took it back to the counter and asked for just ginger ale. I didn't wanna risk another bad tasting drink. So, yeah, i guess if you go there for mixed drinks, make sure you order name-brand booze.
One thing that i wish i'd have known in advance is that its a bar that allows cigarettes. I am allergic to the smoke and I hadn't taken my allergy medicine that day but, I wasn't gonna leave. It took us 1.5 hours to get there. I figure, i'll deal with sneezing, itchy throat & congestion, whatevs. ...Ok, i thing i didn't think about was how stinky my clothes would be after i left...ah well as well.
Anywho, when karaoke started I pretty much blew them away with my karaoke prowess. (ok, i've been going to karaoke 1-3 times a week for the past 3 years now, so...yeah) I did some of my standard songs that I do well cause...well...ok, when you're at a new joint you need to put your best stylings...forward. I sang: Virtual Insanity, She (The Monkees), Hey Ya, Spiderwebs & Just a Girl. I had a lot of other songs in but, from what i heard, karaoke was unusually full that night. Not only was i singing, i was doing my lil semi-coordinated dance-like steps as well. Most everyone else who went up there were quite stiff and did nothing to try to stir up the crowd. Come on people, when you're at karaoke pretend you're a performer, its way more fun that way. Because I performed like I meant it I was well received and got a bit of cheering when they'd call me back up. Paula sang...nothing. Cause Paula doesn't feel comfortable singing in girl mode. I have no pics of me singing. I have no pix from my camera cause I was a lazy bum and didn't feel like taking my camera out. But the girl who is...the host of the event, (not the karaoke host, mind you, the KJ was Paulie. Nice guy) Antoinette, had her camera and took some pix. They're a bit grainy but the're pics. I'll post one of Paula & I at the end of this post. There were other local girls that I had seen on the Meet-Up page at the Bar who I thought were going to be at karaoke so i didn't bug them at the bar...they didn't come to karaoke, so i'll meet them some other time. I did make 2 new friends there though. Antoinette & Eadie (whose name i remember cause it sounds like my favorite ice cream brand Edy's) I wrote down the web address for this blog as well as Jessica Whos for them to peruse. They are both planning on going to the next Raven event which is coming up this Saturday, January 12th 2013. I will post more details about it...maybe tomorrow. The location etc are in earlier posts about Raven if you decide to look back at older posts. I'm tired & ready to sleep.
All in all, I had a fun time. Diamonz is a LGBT establishment. If you don't mind cigarette smoke, this is a nice place to hang out. Their karaoke book is Huge! It says their book is online but you can't access it with a smart phone. The only disadvantage to their book is that it is by song title only, not artist, but my karaoke is by artist not song title. I guess each way has its advantages & disadvantages. I was invited to 'Please come back', so I will go back. Next time I will be prepared, I will take my allergy medicine. I will probably pre-game a bit (Paula doesn't drink, Designated Driver FTW!) and I will wear clothing that I plan on washing the next day...also Coat will stay in the car.

I look forward to seeing some of you next weekend. Bye for Now :)

Pebbles, your Friendly Neighborhood Pirate

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