Monday, November 26, 2012

Reflections about Raven 12

Here’s something I hadn't thought of before that I’d been hearing all night. Trans-Lesbians. They do not consider themselves crossdressers so…are they interested in things I say, my blog stuff, I mean…I think initially I packaged trans-lesbians in with my straight crossdressers theme, at least in my mind. I guess...whoever decides to read my blog for…whatever reason, be it entertainment or curiosity…anyone can feel free to read it. You don’t have to be a straight crossdresser to read this blog…I guess you just have to be interested…or just really bored with nothing better to do. Either way, Thank You for Reading! :D  I am just about a year and a half in to exploring my interests in crossdressers. There is a lot I don’t know. A lot of psychology, a lot of books I haven’t read, a lot of conferences I haven’t been to. I’ve just really been to websites and parties…do drag shows count? Cause I’ve been to some of them too. I hope I haven’t offended anyone (too harshly if at all) with any of my thoughts. I just hope for one day when anyone can dress in a way that represents who they are regardless of any specified ‘gender rules’. I mean if you wanna boil it down to the biblical…men & women wore dresses way back then. (American) Women (& women in many other lands) wear pants now just as men do and are not thought of as breaking gender rules (yes I know they kinda had to fight for it). Only recently (in America) have men been ‘allowed’ to wear kilts as manly fashion without getting too much flack for it. …ok…I think I’m done. Laterz!

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