Sunday, October 21, 2012

Drag-Gasm 2012 - RuPauls Drag Race Edition

I nearly had a Drag-Gasm last night!!! Thanks to Paula (who got us VIP tickets), I saw about 90% of my Favorite Drag Queens all in one place at the same time up close and personal. I even got to take pics with them & hug them and...AAAAHHHH!!!! (I totally didn't wanna let Raven go) I was on cloud 9 all night! I made little cards for them to remember me by cause...well...I wanted to. I wanted to do something a bit extra. I spent days working on a lil photo compilation to give to them. I wrote a letter to RuPaul, which I wanted to ask Michelle Visage to give to Ru but I wasn't able to meet Michelle before or after the show so the letter is still in my bag :(. I personalized everything for everyone. I have recently started selling Avon so I included some lipstick samples in the envelopes, I even put temporary tattoos in each one. I did something extra special for Manila Luzon. I hand-made a card for my Favilla Manila that was very simple-ish with a couple of pictures of Manila & her dearly departed Sahara Davenport along with everything else stated above. I put the address of this blog on the lil picture cards, in case anyone was interested in knowing a bit more about the weirdo who gave them pics of herself... yeah.

I first saw the Absolutely Gorgeous Shannel! I...I Love Shannel. So beautiful, So nice! I had to take my pic w/ her 3 times cause the pics were blurry (accidentally left on manual mode...oops. finally put on auto focus for Paula to take pics for me). Then I went over to Manila and gave my card and had a pic w/her :). Manila seemed grateful for the card (though she, nor anyone else, opened their envelopes in my presence, they all had their cards sent up to their...changing room I guess) There were...kinda lines to get to each person so some waiting/pushing ahead involved with getting close to each one. Next was Miss Pandora Boxx. Love that funny girl Pandora!!! Was awesome to meet her! (and meet her again at the end of the night) Then we made our way over to the Gorgeous Jujubee. I Love Love Love these awesome Queens!!! While I was waiting for Raven, who appears right in front of me but Yara Sophia!!! I gotz pic w/her! Then Finally to my Raven! I have Raven hugs...and didn't wanna let Raven go! She Loved my Tika!!! Ok Everyone loved it & I made it myself (bonus awesome points for me!).

No more All Stars were there at that point. The ones that were there disappeared up the stairs. I spotted one of my Favie Queens of YouTube fame, Misty Maven!!! She was having a convo w/ some people so I waited a bit, got her attention and Got a pic w/ her :). I also told her about my blog, and guess what. She wants to Read it!!! AAAHHH!!! ...She may even read this post...where I'm yelling like a crazy person about her saying she wants to check it out...I should probably erase those few lines...but i'm not gonna :)

Next I saw some friends and sat in my seat next to Paula and waited, listening to some pretty good music, for half an hour or so before the show started. Show was AWESOME!!! Will be posting pics! After the show saw & got pics with my Philly Drag queens! The Goddess Isis, Porcelain, Omyra Lynn & Misty Maven!!! Gave them all the cards I had for them. Porcelain is soooo adorable looking in guy mode, even with the many tattoos. Omyra Lynn as well. Such good looking guys. I've seen Isis in guy mode as well...strikingly beautiful guy!!! And Male Misty is Gorgeous as well (though i don't think i've seen guy mode in person yet)!!! Next back upstairs and got a pic of Paula w/ Pandora and I got a pic with Tammie Brown. It was such an Awesome night!!! (I tried to catch up with Mimi Imfurst twice, each time I lost her before I could catch up w/ her, ah well)


(will post a link to the rest of the pictures when I have them uploaded)

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