Friday, September 28, 2012

Paula's Perspective - CD learns how to apply Make-Up

I had Paula do a write-up on her perspective of the whole make-up situation (CD learns how to apply Make-Up). I think it's good to hear both sides of whats going on. Since I'll never truly be on the other side, I find it interesting to know how one is feeling about the same situation. And so I present another 'Paula's Perspective' which will probably become a regular feature as Paula continues her adventures in crossdressing.

I should apologize first I think I’ve been holding up Pebbs blog. I’ve been meaning to write this since we had our trip to the store but between the excitement of the raven party and a rough week at work haven’t had much time here we go though :).

I think I went into Monday totally looking forward to it and totally panicking at the same time. I haven’t been outside dressed other than the first raven party, and even shopping Pebbs has carried the clothes to cover for me. This one was going to be obvious that I was getting made over. I was really nervous about it but I stayed calm since no one I know goes to that mall, and Pebbs was there helping keep me calm.

It actually was pretty awesome they showed me a lot of tips. The woman helping us was really nice too she was polite and helpful. She showed me good ways to brush the makeup on instead of just trying to sell it to me. (I’ll admit I need a lot more practice to get better at it) It was pretty subtle most of the way which was tough for me. I have a double disadvantage in addition to being new to dressing up, I’m color blind so a lot of shades look identical to me. They were pretty nice though and helpful even there doing there best to pick out colors I could see a difference in. The blush was pretty easy to see, and the eye shadow was a pinkish and dark grey color it made it easier to see where they were doing all of the makeup to try and make a note of how they put it on.

It was totally cool though I could see the face getting smoother and the contours as she worked at it but there was one point without the wig that I had trouble visualizing it. I thought I looked a bit like the joker from batman… once Pebbs insisted I try the wig on and I looked in the mirror wow… what a change I could totally see girl mode sitting there… despite my guy shirt hehe. Pebbs wanted me to wear the makeup out but I was getting nervous there had already been a few people who came in the store, they didn’t say anything or act weird but I felt pretty self conscious already. Did have the weird feeling I haven’t had since I was a kid playing around with whatever makeup I could get my hands on. Where I’d take it off but then feel certain that it was obvious I’m still wearing it like my lashes looking girly, lips looking fuller… I know it wasn’t true and I looked normal but still made me nervous until we got home and I could finish scrubbing hehe.

Then I got to go back to Pebbs place and get all dressed up in my new dress, try on some stockings, and Pebbs made me awesome jewelry to go with it. I couldn’t wait for the raven party now, but that will be an update for next time. A weekend of dancing and having fun with pebbs in girl mode deserves it’s own post. :)

In the meantime I better get back to practicing I want to be able to do more of my makeup by the next raven party so that Pebbs won’t have to work quite as hard at doing hers and mine.

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