Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CD Shopping day fail

This past weekend I took Paula shopping for the second time (for the first time click here), but this time, things didn't work out so well. We were using Paula's car because, as you may have read, I don't have a car anymore. While on the way to our first store Paula notices the cool/hot indicator was approaching hot. Went into the first Jo-Mar store and looked around...nothing of great interest was there that day. We left with only some hair accessories for my kid. As we were driving to the next store Paula noticed white smoke coming from the hood and the indicator indicated that the car was Hot. We pulled into a nearby Wawa parking lot and walked to K-Mart, which was less than a block away, and brought some premixed coolant, let the car cool down and poured the coolant into the car. Waited a little while longer & decided to continue our drive to the next Jo-Mar store (there are 4 that I frequent, great prices). Before we got there the car was smoking again. We were able to make it to the store. Parked in the lot and went in. Figured we'd stay in the store long enough for the car to cool at least an hour. We still didn't find any clothing for Paula, but we did find something for me. I had no idea what to wear for Raven 11, but we found something (I do plan on altering it a bit since I feel it's a bit on the short side). I also picked up some shoes and a book bag for my kid. We finally left the store, still with nothing for Paula, we got in the car and attempted to get back to our homes. Well about 5 minutes into the drive you can probably guess what happened. More white smoke and overheating. We were just able to get off the Super Highway (Roosevelt Bvld part of US1) when the car stalled out. We still had to push the car to a safe location, which was just around the corner, and call/wait for AAA. Thankfully I have AAA plus, which has 100 miles of free towing. We had them tow the car to Paula's usually auto-body shop which, thankfully, is near Paula's moms house. Paula's mom was able to pick us up in a car and drop me off home.

It could have been worst but...It could have been way better as well. Its probably a good thing Paula didn't find anything because...well...that money will be needed for the car repairs. In a couple of weeks we plan on trying again to see if we can find something new for Paula, though...I think Paula should just wear that blue dress and be done with it.

Next thing on the agenda. Get Paula's measurements so Paula can shop online for girlie clothing & know what size to buy. Cause...well...we haven't done that yet.

Have a great day everyone!

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