Thursday, September 20, 2012

CD learns how to apply Make-Up

A month or so ago I stopped by Bare Escentuals to price some replacement make-up. While I was there I decided to inquire as to whether or not they apply make-up to males. I explained that I write a blog about straight crossdressers and that I was impressed with their teaching me how to apply make-up 4-ish years ago, and I wondered if they’d do the same for males who want to look female. They told me that they do and have. They even went on to tell me a few stories. I was quite pleased that I would be able to bring men there to learn how to make themselves look girlish without the use of make-up with harmful chemicals. They told me the best times to come are Monday-Thursday evenings. There are usually less people in the mall and even less in the store. I was told to call in advance for an appointment.

 The original plan was to take Paula to Bare Escentuals on Wednesday night. I called and set the appointment explaining I was bringing in a male to have a makeover. …then I remembered that I had work Wednesday night. I called Paula up and asked if *he were free that night (Monday) and he was. I called back and set the appointment to just a few hours from the time I called. I picked Paula up and we headed to the Christiana Mall in Delaware. Paula brought along his new dresses (which had come in the mail that day) and his wig…in a duffel bag (ah the trusty duffel bag that every crossdresser has, or at least has had, for storing his girl things). We headed to the store and told them who we were and the lady there started on his face.

She started out with their basic ‘Get Started’ kit which included a foundation, mineral veil, brushes. She even showed how you can cover up the old 5 o’ clock shadow with just a few strokes using the concealer brush. That’ll totally come in handy. She showed him how to do some natural looking contouring on his face. It was quite interesting to see. Since, at that point, paula was unsure of  what color dress he’d be wearing to Raven 11 (either a red dress or black one) the make-up artist decided to go with a light pink & smoky eye combo that she figured would go great with either color. After she was done I took a picture of Paula’s face …but… well… I couldn’t really see if it looked right w/o the wig on. So I pulled the wig out of the trusty duffle bag and put it on Paula’s head and took another picture. Now I could see it and it looked Great! Before we left… he took all of the makeup off, we were in a populated mall after all and he was dressed as a guy. I would have loved to have him stay in the makeup so that I could see him in his new dresses all made up, but that wasn’t to be. We did go back to my place and had him try on the dresses. One was way too big. The other one was just right. I fashioned some accessories for him. I made a pair of my favorite earrings into clip-ons for him to wear. I also made a necklace, and extended the chain of an anklet. All he needs now is a ring and maybe a  bracelet or two and his look is complete…though…he really doesn’t need either of those and he’d still look great. On Saturday I and all in attendance at the party will see how well he learned how to apply make-up from the lady at Bare Esentuals. …but if it doesn’t look great…I’ll probably help him out. I mean, he is still a beginner. I’m amazed he agreed to actually go into the place…inside of a mall, to learn. He’s definitely got guts! …Or maybe he just really trusts that I won’t let anything go wrong. Well…I guess we’ll know if I can get him to write about his perspective of the experience. J

*(The reason I used the pronoun ‘he’ is because he was in guy mode most of the time and he doesn’t care what pronoun is use when referring to him. I asked)

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