Monday, August 6, 2012

Car Accident

Ok, so Monday July 30th, I got into a car accident. Since then I have not had time to update my blog or even post my Otakon Pics. I decided to take Pics with as many genetic males in skirts or dresses (kilts count) as i could (I don't know if any of them are or aren't crossdressers or if any are straight or not, though I believe one of the guys in a kilt said he was gender queer). I had this idea pretty late into my weekend, Saturday night, but I decided to run with it anyway. In my next update, hopefully within the next few days, I will post pics, which I have yet to upload. Please forgive me for not being prompt in my uploading and blogging, i've just been very busy/stressed/in pain. I'm not seriously injured, thank GOD for side curtain airbags!!! (My car was hit...I didn't take pics)

Talk to ya soon!


  1. Thank goodness you were not seriously injured. Hmm. I do hope you were able to settle things already. Having a lawyer at your side could be of help when it comes to examining your case, if it could be settled out of court or if there is a possible case to be taken to court. I hope to read your update about this!

    Javier Hoppes

  2. Thank you for your concern. It's been about 5 months and I finally got a payment for my car from MY insurance company. I DO NOT reccomend at ALL that company. American Independent Insurance Company is the Worst Company to have ever!!! I had to get a lawyer just to deal with my insurance company. Well, I got him for my case because the courts decided the car accident was my fault...and I didn't have a lawyer at my first case. So at my appeal I got a lawyer. I had the same lawyer deal with my insurance company because they were not doing anything for me but giving me the runaround. My insurance company decided to total my car, which was only 1.5 years old and could have been repaired. I spent the last 5 months borrowing cars to get to and from work. I hope to get another car soon. I have been seeing a masseuse for my pain.