Monday, July 23, 2012

Raven 10

On Saturday last week I attended Raven 10 with my friend
Kandice & the lovely CD that I took shopping, Paula. Paula picked up Kandice up from her brothers house and headed to my house. Once there Paula went about prepping her face for the make-up. Next I showed Paula the necklace I put together for her (we also made clip on earrings on a previous occasion). I did a little bit of last minute shopping on my way home from work and got Paula a large heart shaped ring that went well with the necklace she was wearing. (I got stockings for myself)
The ring was a lil small so I used my jewelry crafty skills to make it fit better. Next I painted her toenails a silver color I had sitting around. not a makeup artist, but I tried my best and applied some makeup to Paula's face. Next on with the corset that we made a few weeks back. (When I saw him last I demonstrated how to put on a corset without assistance) I pulled it nice and tight. She's not quite ready to do it on her own. Next on with the dress, wig & accessories. Paula wore her pink shoes to accent her pink dress perfectly. We left the house a little later than planned (so we missed the red carpet). Now was the part that made our dear Paula the most nervous... Actually leaving the house for the first time fully dressed and made up as a girl! So, I ushered everyone out of the house and realized I left the keys in my house. This made Paula more nervous because she had to stand outside my car (with Kandice) and wait a minute or 2 for me to grab the keys and get back outside. Fortunatly for him, my neighborhood was dead. No one was outside at all. Once we were in the car Paula felt much more at ease. Next a 1.5 hour drive to New Hope. We got there at about 7:30pm. We put our lipstick on, put everything we needed in my bag and got out of the car. We got inside Raven and looked around for the dining room. It was quite crouded in there. We walked around the dining room looking for 3 seats together. While looking I spotted Lisa, my guest blogger who wrote How to 'PASS', Guaranteed!!!. I also spotted the event organizer Jennifer Bryant. I introduced Lisa to Paula and Kandice. Lisa and Paula exchanged a few words and we were off to look for seating again.

We couldn't find any in the main hall, so we were invited to sit out in the outside seating area.  There weren't any other cross dressers out there, but the weather was nice and we were all we dealt with it.  We ordered some appetizers, wine, and soda for Paula (because she was our designated driver.)  Eventually another person sitting at another table came to talk to us.  It turns out he was a drag queen and didn't know that the Raven event was happening that night.  The drag queen guy teased Paula's hair with a fork to make it less wig-like. After we finished eating we went back to the main restaurant and then to the dance floor.  We found a seat and put down our cameras and bags.  Kandice started belly dancing, mostly to an empty floor and showing everyone up.  I started taking some pictures outside, mingling, met a few people and gave my cards out to those people.  Went back in and did a little dancing myself.  Went out to the car and got some water, went back in...more mingling more dancing...etc.  Finally got my picture with Lisa though!  Took pictures with and of a few other people, some who read my blog.  Chatted with Rena, who was starting to read my blog a few weeks ago and was commending me on my work for the community.  Reena was talking about life, etc.  Had so many kind words about my blog that night that I truly felt appreciated, and that my blog actually means something.  I'm just glad that my words are not useless.  If nothing else they make people feel good :)  Eventually it was over and we had to go.  I didn't get to meet my friend that I planned on meeting, maybe I'll see him another time.  Thankfully I didn't have to drive home because frankly...I didn't feel like it.  Paula drove home and Kandice slept in the back of the seat.  Came back to my house, everyone passed out after that.  The end! (ok...i might add to more details...sleepy time)

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