Monday, July 23, 2012

Raven 10

On Saturday last week I attended Raven 10 with my friend
Kandice & the lovely CD that I took shopping, Paula. Paula picked up Kandice up from her brothers house and headed to my house. Once there Paula went about prepping her face for the make-up. Next I showed Paula the necklace I put together for her (we also made clip on earrings on a previous occasion). I did a little bit of last minute shopping on my way home from work and got Paula a large heart shaped ring that went well with the necklace she was wearing. (I got stockings for myself)
The ring was a lil small so I used my jewelry crafty skills to make it fit better. Next I painted her toenails a silver color I had sitting around. not a makeup artist, but I tried my best and applied some makeup to Paula's face. Next on with the corset that we made a few weeks back. (When I saw him last I demonstrated how to put on a corset without assistance) I pulled it nice and tight. She's not quite ready to do it on her own. Next on with the dress, wig & accessories. Paula wore her pink shoes to accent her pink dress perfectly. We left the house a little later than planned (so we missed the red carpet). Now was the part that made our dear Paula the most nervous... Actually leaving the house for the first time fully dressed and made up as a girl! So, I ushered everyone out of the house and realized I left the keys in my house. This made Paula more nervous because she had to stand outside my car (with Kandice) and wait a minute or 2 for me to grab the keys and get back outside. Fortunatly for him, my neighborhood was dead. No one was outside at all. Once we were in the car Paula felt much more at ease. Next a 1.5 hour drive to New Hope. We got there at about 7:30pm. We put our lipstick on, put everything we needed in my bag and got out of the car. We got inside Raven and looked around for the dining room. It was quite crouded in there. We walked around the dining room looking for 3 seats together. While looking I spotted Lisa, my guest blogger who wrote How to 'PASS', Guaranteed!!!. I also spotted the event organizer Jennifer Bryant. I introduced Lisa to Paula and Kandice. Lisa and Paula exchanged a few words and we were off to look for seating again.

We couldn't find any in the main hall, so we were invited to sit out in the outside seating area.  There weren't any other cross dressers out there, but the weather was nice and we were all we dealt with it.  We ordered some appetizers, wine, and soda for Paula (because she was our designated driver.)  Eventually another person sitting at another table came to talk to us.  It turns out he was a drag queen and didn't know that the Raven event was happening that night.  The drag queen guy teased Paula's hair with a fork to make it less wig-like. After we finished eating we went back to the main restaurant and then to the dance floor.  We found a seat and put down our cameras and bags.  Kandice started belly dancing, mostly to an empty floor and showing everyone up.  I started taking some pictures outside, mingling, met a few people and gave my cards out to those people.  Went back in and did a little dancing myself.  Went out to the car and got some water, went back in...more mingling more dancing...etc.  Finally got my picture with Lisa though!  Took pictures with and of a few other people, some who read my blog.  Chatted with Rena, who was starting to read my blog a few weeks ago and was commending me on my work for the community.  Reena was talking about life, etc.  Had so many kind words about my blog that night that I truly felt appreciated, and that my blog actually means something.  I'm just glad that my words are not useless.  If nothing else they make people feel good :)  Eventually it was over and we had to go.  I didn't get to meet my friend that I planned on meeting, maybe I'll see him another time.  Thankfully I didn't have to drive home because frankly...I didn't feel like it.  Paula drove home and Kandice slept in the back of the seat.  Came back to my house, everyone passed out after that.  The end! (ok...i might add to more details...sleepy time)

Monday, July 16, 2012

CD Shopping Day part 2 - Paula's Perspective

This is another Guest Post. This one is from Paula. This is Paula's perspective of the CD Shopping Day. Paula, you have the floor!

Dressing up has been an on and off thing since I was in high school, but it’s also been pretty private none of my friends or family know. Which is fine because it’s not really their business anyway, but also since no one has ever known I’ve never really gotten much help or bought things so I know less about everything than I guess most other cross dressers. I’d met Pebbles a few times and we’d had fun hanging out so when she offered to help me shop for some things I was pretty excited. I’m not saying I wasn’t really nervous but Pebbles being with me made me feel ok about it. On my own I would never EVER have gone out to do something like this. She picked me up and we headed out to the first store checking out some dresses. Pebbles carried everything most of the time so it wasn’t embarrassing and the store wasn’t real crowded either which was a plus, once we got to the step of trying them on I started to get a little nervous, but Pebbles stood right outside the door keeping watch. Still had a jolt of fear each time we opened the door a crack so she could see how they looked. It went smooth though and no one noticed or said anything and three of the dresses were pretty great. Including a pink one that I think she uploaded a pic of on here that I wore to the Raven party.

We picked them up out paid for them and a makeup case and it was on to the next part of our trip and I think where I might have been my most nervous. We got to a shop that Pebbles knew about to try and find the right wig. I probably should have expected to try one on since I mean we’d need to know how it looked to get the right one. However, I hadn’t really even considered that and when she asked which ones I wanted to try on there was probably an audible GULP sound effect. Pebbles told the sales lady that it was for a costume party and she didn’t seem to mind if we tried them on as I sat down I honestly felt like everyone was staring at me… To be honest I don’t have any evidence to suggest that anyone other than Pebbles and the sales lady were in fact looking at me at all, but whatever I was nervous and paranoid… It went ok though and we found a wig that we both really liked. So after an eternity… (probably 2 minutes maximum in not scared time) we picked up some lashes and a wig cap and hit the road.

We had another quick stop to get a bra and some things we needed to make a corset, and a nice break to get some dinner, before heading back to her place for dress up time. I would have been super nervous to be getting dressed up at all it’s something I’m very used to being embarrassed about, but Pebbles obviously already knew and let me know that everyone in her house knew and was ok with it. First we tried on the wig and then Pebbles got to work taping me up to make the corset, I kind of expected it to be tight and a little harder to breathe, but I didn’t think about how hard it would be to move, bend, and sit… It made putting on the dresses a lot easier since I fit them better, but also made putting on my shoes impossibly difficult since I couldn’t even reach the buckles. After a while though Pebbles and Kandice finished doing my makeup and I got to see myself all dressed up for the first time and got to show the three dresses while Pebbles took some photos. It was totally awesome, I kind of never expected to ever do anything like it. It was weird I’ve never really been able to look anything close to feminine and really didn’t imagine I’d look even ok. I thought I turned out really nice. I was actually a little disappointed to have to go back into guy mode, but… I would have had to answer a lot of questions if I showed up back at my house in that pink dress, and I’m not interested in letting my room mates in on things. Totally without question the best Monday in history.

I am Proud to have been part of the 'BEST MONDAY IN HISTORY!'
I think Paula looked Great!
Hmmm... Maybe this could be a side venture. Taking closet CDs out shopping. LOL, would be fun for me :)

See Ya Next time!

Pirate Pebbs!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Event I will attend: Raven 10

Jen Bryant's Summer Sizzle (RAVEN 10)

I will be attending this event for the First time this coming Saturday. This will be happening in the town of New Hope, PA, which I have been told is very Trans-friendly. I will be attending with one of my Close GG friends, Kandice, and I will be bringing with me the lovely Gurl that I have had the pleasure shopping with and dressing up in my previous post. These parties are once a season and everyone Raves about them. I can't wait to go! Though...I still have not decided what to wear. Maybe I'll have it all figured out in time. 
Anywho, check out the the page. It's a FREE event. Party is at 9:30pm, there are happenings before then, like dinner, but...thats not free.

See you there!

CD Shopping Day!

A couple of weeks ago I promised a local straight CD I'd take him shopping. Finally settled on this past Monday as the day. I had found articles on making low cost diy style corsets using a t-shirt and duct tape.

I picked him up a lil after 5pm and we drove to on of my favorite discount clothing stores JoMar (there are several locations in the philly area) looked through the dresses area for a while till we found a few we liked. I carried around the dresses most of the time to be less conspicuous. We got about 5 dresses and headed to the changing room area. No one was really manning that area so he went in one of the lil rooms and I gave him the dresses. he tried them on one by one and he opened the door a bit so I could see the dresses on him. We liked 3 of them. At the register there were make up kits. We grabbed one as well. Next we headed to a wig store. The one I was used to going to relocated a few blocks away. (had to call my mom to find out where) the new store was Huge! Went in and looked at wigs. after about 20 minutes of looking (and several girls asking if I needed their help) we finally settled on 2 we liked. I finally let one of the girls help us. I explained to her that we were going to a costume party (kinda true, we're going to a CD/TG party on the 14th, more info to follow) and needed the wigs tried on him. She was like, "fine with me, as long as he's secure in his masculinity" ... or something like that. Of the 2 wigs, one stood out and looked Great on him. Things were starting to come together. Before we left there we picked up some wig caps and eyelashes. Next off to another JoMar location. We forgot to get him a bra! We found a bra with removable straps so that we could replace them with clear straps. We also got a t-shirt. Got a pink one for the inside of his duct tape corset. Next...we had to stop by boston market for some food. Not too much for him, he was gonna be taped in pretty tight soon enough. Next we went to lowes to get the duct tape. Then back to my house to put it all together. Fortunately for him...everyone in my house already knows of my interest in crossdressers so there is no weirdness. Everyone includes my visiting aunt who stayed in the guest room the whole time. My younger male cousin who dressed as a catgirl for halloween last year (yes i helped dress him...he was wearing my clothes), and my friend who is staying for the summer which is the one who did his makeup. 
First we put on the wig, next we made the corset. It worked out really well. Next we put the bra on him. It was a lil snug, we'll just buy some bra extenders at some point if need be. Didn't have any falsies available so we stuffed his bra with worked for the moment. Next he put on his pink platform shoes, which he discovered is much harder to put on while corseted. Finally, On with the Dresses!!! The first was a light pink cocktail (i think) dress with a plunging v neck line and a darker pink sash around the waist. It looked nice on him. While he was wearing it my friend applied some make up to his face. Her transformation was complete. This was the first time she saw herself completely in female form & she Loved it! Next was another pink dress. this time a darker pink halter style dress that looked even better than the first. Lastly a long blue strapless dress that was quite fetching on her. I took a few pics of each outfit on her then it was time to get out of the girl clothes. Last thing to do was to cut off the corset (then he could breathe normally again). Next I took him home. He was extremely grateful for the experience and help. This was his Best Monday EVER! I'm glad to be a part of it :)

Here are some Pictures... YAY!!! I got permission to post them as long as his face is not fully shown....Guess I can add additional pixilation if requested.

First the Duct Tape Corset, since that's what we started with (besides the wig)

Next on to the main Person of the Hour!
I did photoshop the shoes.
body hair removal also.
Let me know what you think. Feel free to comment here or on the Facebook page:

You can see us Both in New Hope this Saturday at: Jen Bryant's Summer Sizzle (RAVEN 10) Details to follow in next blog entry.

See you soon!

Pirate Pebbs