Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm a Slacker, I'm Sorry :(

Ok, I have been slacking a bit...I apologize. I had a post typed up on the 10th and didn't get around to posting it. And now, because of a series of unfortunate events, I will not have my laptop back till at least Wednesday.

Anywho, I kinda hate the first CD dating site I started using. I am ready to delete my account. It is way too money hungry. If people like the site and can afford extras they'll pay for them. If they're broke, like me, and can't afford to, well, we broke people should be allowed to try to date people too, right? Wrong, according to them, I still have an account an a couple other free CD dating sites. The one...er ones i do NOT recommend are: Crossdressing.com and DateAcrossdresser.com. These 2 sites are linked.

CDmeet.com & MeetLocalCrossdressers.com are gonna be the ones I go to most often now. Lets see, what else... Um...If you find me on facebook...I don't really add people I don't already know as friends...Sorry. I do have a FB page for this page and a FB fan page just...I feel bad telling individual people that I'm not gonna add them. There is just too much personal stuff on there. That being said, here are the links to the Public FB Pages I have:

My Pirate Pebbs Group:
My Pirate Pebbs Fan Page:
My Karaoke Page, Which is not Owned by me, but I am an Admin:
(if you're in philly and wanna sing, check it out)
And Last, but not least, The Straight Crossdressers Page:

Oh, I'm also on a Meet Up Group, T-Girls United, mostly Philadelphia area meet up for CDs and friends:

Stop By, say Hi, Like the pages, Join the groups. See Ya next time!

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