Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wizard World Philly 2012

Ok, so over the past week through now I have been working on my Wizard World stuff. I have a table with friends. I plan on doing face painting, selling jewelry that my kid and I made and I'll be giving out cards or flyers for this page, karaoke and...i've getting costumes together. Very Busy. I'll get a better blog post out next week.

One thing though. A bi CD I met on one of the sites i'm on told me they're getting married. So my Congrats Goes out to the happy couple. This is the second CD i've met online over the past year who had found love and is getting (or got) married! I LOVE happy endings! Wedding is scheduled in a few months. They want me to be the photographer, which i think is very cool, hopefully i can be there and photograph the event. If not, well, i'll at least go there and enjoy the celebration!

Below is a copy of the flyer i'll be handing out at Wizard World... and by handing out I mean they'll be sitting on my table while I paint faces and probably every dude I see dressed like a chick will probably get one. Will be double sided. Side 1 in color!

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