Sunday, May 6, 2012

The advantages of dating a crossdresser

Not every girl is going to be in to crossdressers. Hopefully that will change once they realize the advantages of crossdressers over 'regular' dudes. For example, with a CD your clothing size, you've doubled your wardrobe cause you can share clothes :D. You will have a partner who actually Likes to go clothing shopping with you and will not lie to you about what looks good on you, just to rush you out of the store, he'll want it to look good so he can wear it as well. He'll understand the need (and expense) to get hair and nails done...the list goes on. If other females understood the advantages there may be more willing to date cd's. They may not be 'in to' it, but...acceptance is a good start cause...well...just like anything else, not everyone will be in to what you're in to, but they just might be 'ok' with you doing it. Like how some dudes like watching sports games and some women aren't in to it but let their men have their sunday football. There are women who weren't in to sports who have grown to like or even love the sport that was introduced to them by their man. The same is possible with your cd. Never know till you try.


  1. It's amazing that we as crossdressers may show a completely masculine side in public but may know even more about womens' clothes, makeup, etc better than a lot of women. This is a huge advantage I say!

  2. Might a girl crossdresser dating? The most typical reply is actually sure. Most women get a person dressed up like a women a turn-on. In addition they really like thinking about the ability to get apparel looking without the person moaning about currently being uninterested.

  3. Well, it's true that If females really understand the advantages of crossdresser dating then they will sure willing to date a crossdresser and you have really very well explained the benefits of dating a crossdresser and it will sure help females to understand it better with no confusions.