Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to Impress a GG with your pictures

Ok, as I have said many times, I am a member of a few different dating websites, some of which are crossdresser dating sites. I have seen and been sent many pictures of crossdressers doing their thing. do I say this... not all of the photos are pictures that would ...impress a GG* looking for a CD* BF* (i use a lot of abbreviations in here, don't i?). So I am going to give you a few tips. Cause, you see, a GG may not want to just see a headless set of boobs on an impressive or less than impressive body. Most GG's wanna see a face on that body. And that face should at least try to look pretty. (now if you're trying to impress another man that is a different story and being that i am not a man...i can't tell you how that kind of pic would go over)

Do: Shave. Before you take your pic, make sure you are clean shaven. No stubble, no facial hair that isn't brows or lashes.
Do: Apply Make up. Even the noobist noob can put on lipstick and mascara. If you feel embarrassed to buy it from the store, buy it online. There are many tutorials on how to apply make up for all shades of people on Youtube. It is an excellent resource for Girls and Gurls alike!
Do: Wear a Wig. Unless you have long hair. If not, at least style your hair in a girlish manner. Maybe some hair accessories or something. Hair does matter.
Do: Invest in a tripod and camera with a timer feature. I am not a fan of mirror shots. Mirror type pics...I just tolerate only because I know that a lot of lovely CD's don't have someone else to take their pics for them. But if they can get a $10 tripod from Walmart (possibly cheaper from craigslist or ebay) and they have access to a camera, most of which these days have a timer feature. If you could save $50 you could get a decent camera second hand from craigslist, ebay, or a new, but probably kinda crappy one from Big Lots or maybe even Walmart as well. With about $60 investment you could take nice self portraits. Cellphones are only good for face shots, for the most part. You can do a full body shot if you have a smartphone that has a timer feature if you prop up your phone.

Those pictures were taken with my smartphone's timer feature with the phone propped up in my closet. Not the prettiest pics (or the prettiest bedroom sorry took those pics months ago), to say the least, but you have full body and 3/4's body pics and a few minutes with trial and error. I do realize not everyone has a smartphone at their disposal. 
With a regular cellphone w/camera you can at least take a good head shot with some practice (the following works with hand held camera or cellphone camera): 
Hold the camera in your right hand and hold the camera slightly above your head pointed down at your face. Hold steady and hold your finger on the trigger. Wait a second or two before lowering your hand to look at your pic. It takes practice, but you can do it.

Do Not: Send headless pictures. If you're emailing pics, it means she wants to see your face so don't cut it off. Unless it's a case where you're sending more than one pic and at least one of them has your full face in view and the cut off pics are posed well.
Do Not: Send naked/NWS* pictures, unless you ask if it's ok first. You don't know who is around when they're opening their email. They may have a child on their lap while they check their email. just not a good idea unless you've asked first or at least put NWS in the subject header so she knows to open it when she's alone. (i know i've had some close calls not knowing what would be in my email)

So, yeah, Long story short. Send a polished (or as polished as your abilities) picture of yourself crossdressed. If you have no cd pics, send a nice looking/non blurry male picture of yourself. A nice looking male pic will go further than a blurry bad looking male pic, a half-hearted cd pic or no pic at all.

I may add to this list at a later time. These are all just my opinion being a Straight GG who likes CDs.

*CD= Crossdresser, GG= Genetic Girl, BF= Boyfriend, NWS= Not Work Safe

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  1. I used to take pics of me in slips, but certain circumstances compelled me to stop taking pics in just women's undergarments. Are pics of a CD in lingerie OK to share with a GG?