Saturday, March 24, 2012

NYC GLBT Expo 2012

So I was invited to the Expo by Appolonia Cruz, a popular Drag Queen from the South Beach Florida Drag scene who is also part of the NYC Drag scene, to not only be her Photographer but also talk about my blog. Appolonia had a time slot on Saturday and Sunday in the Video Lounge.

On Saturday I wore my Pirate Pebbs costume. I traveled the trains from Washington Heights to The Jacob Javic Center in the Midtown West area of NYC. Don't worry, I had a body guard, my friend Cisco (singer, writer, actor, playright). Ok, not technically there as my bodyguard, but he was still with me the whole way. I arrived there a bit later than planned, it was St. Patty's Day in NYC so...

Arrived there and put some make-up & fake lashes on and started following Appolonia around and taking pictures. A couple of guys stopped me to have pics with me (i wonder if they thought i was a guy, lol) 

There were a lot of things being given away...mostly condoms...lots and lots of condoms. Mohegan sun was giving away cards & dice with holes drilled in them, There were keychains & beer bottle openers. Cupcakes, stickers, magazines, BEER, chocolate, cheese, tiny bits of wine. Pens, mirror compacs, tote bags, There were photobooths (will post those pics after I scan them). lipgloss, candy, saltwater taffy, hand towels, $20 off zipcar rental...etc.

I took pictures of a lot of performers. New York Cheer cheerleading squad was performing a few of their numbers. There were videos by various glbt persons that were shown in the video lounge. There were a good deal of shirtless men working the beer booth. There were men from a reality show that was shot and is going to air on cable in the fall called 'Mr. Gay World USA'. Lots of hot dudes...who aren't in to chicks (obviously). There were a good deal of Drag Queens as well. Tyra Sanchez was there on Saturday not dressed in drag. I say him at the end of the day and got a few pictures with him. I also photographed my friend with a few Drag Queens that I am not yet familiar with and some other awesome people.

At 4pm Appolonia Cruz started her show at the Video Lounge and I was the first act. I sang 'Lets Go Crazy' by Prince. Then I sat down for an interview where I talked about this blog as well as about Photography and Karaoke. There were other performers and guests that followed. Around the end of that expo day I approached some of the Mr. Gay World USA guys to see if any of them would dance during my friend's performance. They said Yes!!! Made my friend Uber Happy. After the expo I went to have Pizza with Appolonia, Cisco and my new friends Joshua & Ishmael (who helped me write my blog address on the back of my business cards...cause i forgot to print them on them...sometimes i forget important things.)

Sunday I went to brunch with some friends and then they dropped me off at the Expo. This time I had more time to roam with my friend Cisco. We got some photobooth pics taken, went around getting free stuff and took lots more pictures. I saw Manilla perform and took lots of pics. Also took pics of my friend's performance as well as some others performing. Lavari & PVAZ also performed and I have pics of them. I can't remember exactly when. But I have Pictures!  At the end of the day Tyra Sanchez appeared again in full drag!!! Looking like a Black Barbie from the 80's. Think Barbie and the Rockers!! (i am totally showing my age)

All in all I had a blast! Hopefully my readership will go up and I will have more opportunities to get my blog out there and talk about my straight CD-ing Men who deserve respect and love just like everyone else. :D

I'll probably add more eventually.

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  1. Awwwww I just noticed you wrote this as I was googling myself just now lol, Thank you so much for being my special guest & photographer!!. love you lots!! xoxo