Friday, March 16, 2012

First night at a T-Gurl Meet up

So, I decided to finally venture out to the 'Philadelphia, Pa. TG, CD, TS Support meetup group' which I joined back in January 2012. I went to one of the meet ups. They have a weekly 'T-Girls' party every Monday at the 'Tavern on Camac Street' in Philadelphia in the area known fondly as the 'Gayborhood'. A female friend (who is also in to crossdressers) joined me. We got there a little after 10pm. There is a piano bar on the first floor and the party was on the second floor. When we arrived there were just a few people there. The Hostess was there as well as her second in command. There were a few other gurls there as well. 10 or so people. The bartender was very nice and spoke with us for a good bit. There was good music playing and no one on the dance floor. Which was ok with me, I'm not a very good dancer. Though I do love to people watch. My friend made friends easily with everyone around her (wish I were as bold as her). Sitting a few seats from us was a gurl who introduced herself as Madison. Very tall blonde CD wearing a very short, yet cute dress. She got up to dance a few times with no one else joining in. I was asked to join but I was reluctant, knowing my dancing skills. My friend finally made me get up and dance and for a minute we were all dancing (if you wanna call what I was doing that) then my friend stepped away to get her drink...and didn't come back. 

Here's some background info on me...I can dance, that is keep the rhythm of music, a bit. Usually better when I'm dancing alone. I am not as comfortable being in close proximity to someone else. So when in close proximity I generally clam up and dance quite awkwardly. Which is the case for that night. My lovely dance partner decided to dance very close to me and I tried my best to dance as non awkwardly as possible. Madison did buy me a drink though. Shot of Captain Morgan Rum, I believe (was totally a double shot glass). I...took it better than my new crossdressing friend, but that's ok, not everyone is in to rum, just like how I am not in to Vodka.

A little later after it was revealed that I was a photographer and had my camera, Madison asked me to take some pictures. I took some. I had forgotten I changed the settings from where I normally had them and hadn't reset my settings, so I had a bit of trouble with the pictures. A lot of blurry pics, some just bad. I gave Madison this blog address and I received his email and phone number...which I had left in my jeans and my mom washed without my knowledge, so Madison, if you're reading this email me at this site and I'll give you the link to the pics.

I've been trying to get this post done all week and have been way too distracted with work etc. 

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