Sunday, March 25, 2012

Interview with a Straight Crossdresser #1

This is the first of what will be a series of interviews with straight crossdressers. (#2 in the series can be found here) I will generally only use their gurl name and only use pictures if permitted. The pictures used in this interview were taken by and supplied by the person being interviewed.

Our Lovely gurl being interviewed today is called Lucia. Lucia is 24 and from the Great State of Pennsylvania just a bit north of Pittsburgh  and has been dressing for over 10 years.

P: So Lucia, about when did you become interested in or start crossdressing?
L: I was very young, I don't remember exactly how old, but it was definitely during my childhood well before I was 12.

P: Have you ever been 'caught'? If so, by who? What was the outcome?
L: I used to get caught a good deal by my mom. Being that she was very religious, she was very disappointed.

P: Does your family know you 'dress' or still 'dress'?
L: No, they think I've stopped. I plan on continuing to let them think I've stopped. its not worth it letting them know i still do. it's not like it effects their lives considering i'm on my own.

P: Have you ever gone out crossdressed in public?
L: Once or twice but it's been a long time.

P: Did anyone teach you how to apply makeup?
L: No. But one girl did apply eyeliner on me the proper way and I picked it up. She didn't know I dress though.

P: Do/Have you worn fake nails?
L: Yes, plenty of times.

P: Are you 'Passing' or is it your goal to be passing? If so would you go out in public crossdressed regularly?
L: If I didn't look passing, then I'd just look creepy. I have only been out once or twice dressed.

P: Do you tuck & Shave when you crossdress?
L: Nope. I don't shave or tuck. Strike that, I do tuck sometimes, just not with tape or anything like that. I wear fishnet stockings because they give the illusion of shaved legs in stockings.

P: What makes you want to crossdress? How does it make you feel?
L: It's fun and sexy. Also a sexual/fetish.

P: Is there a female celebrity that inspires your look?
L: Not really, but I have been told I look a bit like Ashlee Simpson. I was also told that I look like a Dark haired Ke$ha. I do Love All of Britney Spears style. I really like the look she has now above her other styles though.

P: Ideally what percentage of your time would you prefer to be 'dressed'?
L: I don't think about it. I just do it when I feel like it if I can. Sometimes I'll be in the mood to dress then I'm out of the mood before I even put anything on. Just when the mood sets me.

L: I wear a wig when I'm dressed. I have no interest in dressing full time. I like being male, I like dressing female sometimes.

P: Have you ever been caught by a girlfriend? If not, have you admitted to crossdressing to a girlfriend? What was the result?
L: I have not been caught. Usually when I'm in a relationship I'll stop crossdressing. Though in my most recent relationship I told my then girlfriend and she was ok with it. I showed her pictures and she thought I looked cute. I'm currently single now though and it had nothing to do with my crossdressing.

P: Thank you for letting me interview you for my blog today. Would you like for me to put a link to your online profile in case some lovely ladies are interested in getting to get to know you better?
L: Sure

If you would like to contact Lucia you can email him at:

That was interview #1. I hope to post more interviews with pictures as I find more pretty menz with pictures to interview. I hope you all found this interview enjoyable and insightful.



Saturday, March 24, 2012

NYC GLBT Expo 2012

So I was invited to the Expo by Appolonia Cruz, a popular Drag Queen from the South Beach Florida Drag scene who is also part of the NYC Drag scene, to not only be her Photographer but also talk about my blog. Appolonia had a time slot on Saturday and Sunday in the Video Lounge.

On Saturday I wore my Pirate Pebbs costume. I traveled the trains from Washington Heights to The Jacob Javic Center in the Midtown West area of NYC. Don't worry, I had a body guard, my friend Cisco (singer, writer, actor, playright). Ok, not technically there as my bodyguard, but he was still with me the whole way. I arrived there a bit later than planned, it was St. Patty's Day in NYC so...

Arrived there and put some make-up & fake lashes on and started following Appolonia around and taking pictures. A couple of guys stopped me to have pics with me (i wonder if they thought i was a guy, lol) 

There were a lot of things being given away...mostly condoms...lots and lots of condoms. Mohegan sun was giving away cards & dice with holes drilled in them, There were keychains & beer bottle openers. Cupcakes, stickers, magazines, BEER, chocolate, cheese, tiny bits of wine. Pens, mirror compacs, tote bags, There were photobooths (will post those pics after I scan them). lipgloss, candy, saltwater taffy, hand towels, $20 off zipcar rental...etc.

I took pictures of a lot of performers. New York Cheer cheerleading squad was performing a few of their numbers. There were videos by various glbt persons that were shown in the video lounge. There were a good deal of shirtless men working the beer booth. There were men from a reality show that was shot and is going to air on cable in the fall called 'Mr. Gay World USA'. Lots of hot dudes...who aren't in to chicks (obviously). There were a good deal of Drag Queens as well. Tyra Sanchez was there on Saturday not dressed in drag. I say him at the end of the day and got a few pictures with him. I also photographed my friend with a few Drag Queens that I am not yet familiar with and some other awesome people.

At 4pm Appolonia Cruz started her show at the Video Lounge and I was the first act. I sang 'Lets Go Crazy' by Prince. Then I sat down for an interview where I talked about this blog as well as about Photography and Karaoke. There were other performers and guests that followed. Around the end of that expo day I approached some of the Mr. Gay World USA guys to see if any of them would dance during my friend's performance. They said Yes!!! Made my friend Uber Happy. After the expo I went to have Pizza with Appolonia, Cisco and my new friends Joshua & Ishmael (who helped me write my blog address on the back of my business cards...cause i forgot to print them on them...sometimes i forget important things.)

Sunday I went to brunch with some friends and then they dropped me off at the Expo. This time I had more time to roam with my friend Cisco. We got some photobooth pics taken, went around getting free stuff and took lots more pictures. I saw Manilla perform and took lots of pics. Also took pics of my friend's performance as well as some others performing. Lavari & PVAZ also performed and I have pics of them. I can't remember exactly when. But I have Pictures!  At the end of the day Tyra Sanchez appeared again in full drag!!! Looking like a Black Barbie from the 80's. Think Barbie and the Rockers!! (i am totally showing my age)

All in all I had a blast! Hopefully my readership will go up and I will have more opportunities to get my blog out there and talk about my straight CD-ing Men who deserve respect and love just like everyone else. :D

I'll probably add more eventually.

Monday, March 19, 2012

NYC GLBT Expo Photos

So I went to the NYC GLBT Expo this past weekend as a guest & photographer for Appolonia Cruz. I had a blast! Saw some reallllly hot guys who are not interested in me cause I'm a girl...but they were still friendly to me etc. I took a LOT of pictures which can be found at:

I am tired from a full day of photoediting and uploading, but I will post a pic here of RuPaul Season 2 winner, Tyra Sanchez, and myself from Sunday. I will post more about the expo over the next few days. I really have to get some sleep so I can function at work tomorrow.


Friday, March 16, 2012

NYC GLBT Expo 2012 Appearance

I will be at the expo promoting my blog on Saturday in the Video Lounge with Hostess Appolonia Cruz! I was personally invited by her to promote my blog as well as my photography & karaoke events. Whoot!!! Thank You Appo! I will be there sunday as well when one of my long time friends, Cisco Perez (as he's called now...I knew him as Frankie) will be singing, if I'm not mistaken. I'm planning on doing a song as well. We shall see...

One of my Favorite Queens from RuPaul's Drag Race will be there as well Manilla Luzon!! As well as her partner in drag Sahara Davenport!!!

I plan to take a LOT of pictures. They will be posted at:

See you soon :)

First night at a T-Gurl Meet up

So, I decided to finally venture out to the 'Philadelphia, Pa. TG, CD, TS Support meetup group' which I joined back in January 2012. I went to one of the meet ups. They have a weekly 'T-Girls' party every Monday at the 'Tavern on Camac Street' in Philadelphia in the area known fondly as the 'Gayborhood'. A female friend (who is also in to crossdressers) joined me. We got there a little after 10pm. There is a piano bar on the first floor and the party was on the second floor. When we arrived there were just a few people there. The Hostess was there as well as her second in command. There were a few other gurls there as well. 10 or so people. The bartender was very nice and spoke with us for a good bit. There was good music playing and no one on the dance floor. Which was ok with me, I'm not a very good dancer. Though I do love to people watch. My friend made friends easily with everyone around her (wish I were as bold as her). Sitting a few seats from us was a gurl who introduced herself as Madison. Very tall blonde CD wearing a very short, yet cute dress. She got up to dance a few times with no one else joining in. I was asked to join but I was reluctant, knowing my dancing skills. My friend finally made me get up and dance and for a minute we were all dancing (if you wanna call what I was doing that) then my friend stepped away to get her drink...and didn't come back. 

Here's some background info on me...I can dance, that is keep the rhythm of music, a bit. Usually better when I'm dancing alone. I am not as comfortable being in close proximity to someone else. So when in close proximity I generally clam up and dance quite awkwardly. Which is the case for that night. My lovely dance partner decided to dance very close to me and I tried my best to dance as non awkwardly as possible. Madison did buy me a drink though. Shot of Captain Morgan Rum, I believe (was totally a double shot glass). I...took it better than my new crossdressing friend, but that's ok, not everyone is in to rum, just like how I am not in to Vodka.

A little later after it was revealed that I was a photographer and had my camera, Madison asked me to take some pictures. I took some. I had forgotten I changed the settings from where I normally had them and hadn't reset my settings, so I had a bit of trouble with the pictures. A lot of blurry pics, some just bad. I gave Madison this blog address and I received his email and phone number...which I had left in my jeans and my mom washed without my knowledge, so Madison, if you're reading this email me at this site and I'll give you the link to the pics.

I've been trying to get this post done all week and have been way too distracted with work etc. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 7 - The Final day of the Girly Challenge

Final day of the challenge and not a day too soon. My daughter was sick of me not looking like me.

All in all it wasn't horrible. I had to put on make-up everyday concealing my minor skin imperfections. Actually, my foundation that I've had for the past 4 years is just about used up. so it'll be a little while before I'm totally made up for more than a day or maybe two when it will then be all gone. So, I have come to have an even better appreciation of the work that  transvestites put into to their craft of crossdressing. Looking pretty takes a lot of work. and walking around in heels all day...not great fun. It was very hard for me (and my cousin who took pity on me and helped me) to find very girlish clothing in my wardrobe. I have a lot of 'Goy' clothing (Goy = girl/boy, word coined by my daughter in a conversation to be quoted later) not so many strictly girl clothing. I have a lot of dark colors. I wear jeans a lot. I like girl adapted mens' clothing like blazers and fedoras. I feel accomplished that I was able to go through with this challenge. I got a lot of positive feedback. A lot of people want me to continue this look,'s not me.

I had a little conversation with my daughter (who is nearly 8 years old) on Sunday. As I said earlier, she was happy it was the last day of my challenge. She didn't like that I was changing the way I dressed for anyone. She says I should dress how I normally do. I asked her how was that. She said, 
"Like, kinda boyish, like a boy/girl...a Goy!" LOL. I feel I have taught her well, eh? We should dress how we feel most comfortable and what is natural for each of us individually. I guess the 'Goy' look is for me. What feels best for one person may not be what feels best for another. Just like how some male crossdressers just want to wear female undergarments but with regular male apparel over top and would not feel comfortable in full female clothing. Also how some men feel most comfortable in full female apparel and feel uncomfortable in male apparel. It's about what makes you feel most comfortable and happy. I am also all for dressing so that you look your best. I am generally quite good at concealing my problem areas (my belly), sometimes even I wear clothing that shows my muffin top...I try to keep that to a minimum :) I think, if you're going out at least, you should try to look their best, not wearing clothing 2 sizes too small and all...yeah.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my posts about dressing girly for a week. I have joined a meetup group for crossdressers. I hope to go to an event soon and see if I can find some straight crossdressers to photograph and interview soon so that I will have some more interesting and exciting posts for you to read. Cause...I'm sure it's dull just reading about me.

Have a great day (or night depending on when you're reading this)!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 6 of the Girly Challenge

I was called in to work today
and what I had planned to wear wouldn't have worked for work (the dress code is black) so I went with this. The slacks have a nice cut for girls (hard to tell when not in person) The shirt is tight (girls wear tight clothes) I did my make-up.  Though my allergies hit me bad and some got wiped off due to tissue use and also I took a nap when I got home (excessive sneezing makes me sleepy) So by the time I got up it was almost time to go to a showing of some Monkees movies, in honor of the passing of one of my favorite Monkees, Davy Jones. It was there (about 10pm) where I had someone take these pics of me. I didn't have the time or energy to put on more make-up, but this is my look for day 6. One more dress up and I am done! I don't know how girly girls or girly gurls do it. I am very low maintenance (generally) and thankfully I have been blessed with not really needing much make-up. I have always had a lot of respect for the gurls who make themselves 'pretty' even more now. It's a lot of work.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 5 of the Girly Challenge


Almost done Girly challenge!!! I had earrings and a necklace to wear but forgot them. Ah well. it still worked :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 4 of the Girly Challenge.

I had to go somewhere hastily so I had my cousin upload the pics for me for day 4. Told him to pic his favs and post them. I went to a going away party for my friend at a place called Bob & Barbara's in philadelphia.
On Thursday nights Bob & Barbaras has a Drag show!!! And Guess who was there. One of my Fav Drag Queens from YouTube Misty Maven!!! So I gave him my money, as well as My cousin's Fav from a drag show we attended a couple of months ago Porcelain. Also in attendance, but not performing, was The Goddess Isis, but out of Drag. He looks great in or out of drag! There was another Queen that I was quite impressed with but for the life me...the name slips my mind. It was something that begins with an matter. I didn't have my picture taken with any of them (i have no idea why not) but I took pics of them with my friends :) I will post a few pics of the performers below.