Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 1 of the Girly Challenge

So today...I was half about to give up before I really started cause I had trouble finding something to wear. I finally did settle on something. Pants (cause it's cold) and a shirt that I thought was pretty girly. Some earrings, nail polish (that's too light, think i need a darker shade) and heels.

When I came to the livingroom to ask my mom how i looked, she exclaimed, "Ewe too girly!" LOL. That was the point mom.

I had to go out today, of course, to get my car repaired at the dealership. So on went the heels and i was off...of course i forgot to bring a jacket so no only was i very girly looking, i had no way to cover up. I was a bit out of my element not having my 'security blanket' (either of my pin-stripped jackets, nor one of my fedoras). But, I did what I do best. Pretended i was fine w/o it and that no one was staring at me.
Did I mention that my heels were 1 size too big? They were flip-flopping off of me occasionally and I had to constantly remind myself that I couldn't walk as fast as I was used to walking.

I eventually got home and a friend I haven't see in a while was there. She thought I looked Great! Awesome!

So yeah, day 1 is done. Now on to day 2....I still have no idea what i'm wearing tomorrow, which is also my weekly Karaoke Co-Hosting night. I do tend to dress up there a good deal, usually with less make up, but i still haven't decided on what to wear.

and the shoes to prove they have heels.

See you tomorrow :)

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