Sunday, January 15, 2012

I've had so much to say and haven't said it

A lot of good things have been happening for some of my beautiful crossdresser friends. I've been meaning to type it all down but just haven't gotten to it. I am so tired now from going to a Wine & Wig party in NYC last night where a special guest was an Amazing Dragqueen named Appolonia Cruz!! (pic of her & I to the left) Wonderful person to meet and get to know. We already have plans for next time I'm the city :) I didn't go to sleep till a lil after 5:30 am and i got up a lil after 10:30 am to get ready to catch my bus back to philly. I need to get a bit of sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I will do all my updating.

(...still resolution worthy post cause according to me the week starts on monday :P)

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