Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good things happening for my Beautiful Menz

Ok, now to elaborate on the good things happening to my beautiful menz*.

So there are 2 beautiful men that I am speaking of. One is straight one is bi (if he's interested in chicks too, that's good enough for me). They are actually from the same neck of the woods (at least when I started chatting with them). The younger of the two (24) Got a girlfriend a few months back. Back then I told him that it would be best to let her know that he crossdresses as soon as he can. He recently revealed to her that he crossdresses. Here's the kicker, she doesn't mind. She actually thinks he makes a cute girl :) How awesome is that??? He has only showed her pictures thus far, but still. Not minding + thinking he is cute = Acceptance at least. That is the least a step in the right direction.

Beautiful menz #2 (25). Moved from PA to IL a couple of months ago. Since he moved he's been living as a full time girl. He reluctantly went to a New Years party his close friend dragged him to. While there he met another person dragged to the party. While there they really hit it off and wound up going out on a date a few days later. While on the date, he let his male date know that he was a transvestite. His date let him know that he was still interested. They have been on a few dates since and things seem to be going well.

Long story short. I'm happy that my menz are happy. They are beautiful people inside and out and their current significant others see that in them as well. I hope things continue well with them. and they both know that if anything happens with their present dates that I'm still single :) LOL. J/K they're totally too young for me right? Right!

As for me. I went to a Lovely party thrown by one of my friends in NYC (that i spoke of in my previous post) and discovered that now I am only 3 degrees of separation from RuPaul :) Maybe soon 2 degrees and then maybe, just maybe i may actually see him live....Who knows. Stranger things have happened :)

I hope this entry hasn't bored you to death. I just like success stories. Success for right now is at least acceptance. Acceptance from a girlfriend and acceptance from a otherwise straight boyfriend.

*btw i stole the word 'menz' from my friend Amy :)

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