Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy (almost) New Year!

Ok, so I haven't posted all month...and only a bit last month. I'm Sorry...I'm really Horrible with New Years Resolutions but...I mean...I was good about posting most of the year...and...ok...I got Nowhere in my calendar. My problem is that i'm very long winded with my posts. Also...well...I still don't have enough hot Straight CDs willing to be in my calendar...(I wonder if Jessica Who would be in it???) Maybe I should start doing video posts...or something. Speaking of. There is a Wonderful Awesome Straight Crossdresser who goes by the name Jessica Who who always posts the BEST videos for Straight crossdressers. I have 2 to share with you. :)

The first: Its OK to be a Crossdresser!

 Next one is a bit longer and goes a bit more in to things. Basically a Straight Crossdresser PSA. :)

Jessica Who is doing what I want to do as well which is being a voice for the voiceless...a Beautiful Bold Face for those hiding theirs from the world. Maybe at some point I could work w/Jessica on some sort of project to get the word out about Straight crossdressers. Jessica...probably doesn't need my help, but...I am a GG who thinks its OK so...maybe thats something. Hmmm...Maybe we could go on the Ellen DeGeneres about it. LOL Ok, I kinda dream that one day I could go on there and talk about Straight Crossdressers. Though...sometimes i wonder if it'll come of anti-gay because i'll be like, "...dude...they're not gay...not that there's anything wrong with question...heh heh..." Ah well.

I'll try to be better at posting more often next year. I Love you ALL!!!

Pirate Pebbs

Monday, November 26, 2012

Reflections about Raven 12

Here’s something I hadn't thought of before that I’d been hearing all night. Trans-Lesbians. They do not consider themselves crossdressers so…are they interested in things I say, my blog stuff, I mean…I think initially I packaged trans-lesbians in with my straight crossdressers theme, at least in my mind. I guess...whoever decides to read my blog for…whatever reason, be it entertainment or curiosity…anyone can feel free to read it. You don’t have to be a straight crossdresser to read this blog…I guess you just have to be interested…or just really bored with nothing better to do. Either way, Thank You for Reading! :D  I am just about a year and a half in to exploring my interests in crossdressers. There is a lot I don’t know. A lot of psychology, a lot of books I haven’t read, a lot of conferences I haven’t been to. I’ve just really been to websites and parties…do drag shows count? Cause I’ve been to some of them too. I hope I haven’t offended anyone (too harshly if at all) with any of my thoughts. I just hope for one day when anyone can dress in a way that represents who they are regardless of any specified ‘gender rules’. I mean if you wanna boil it down to the biblical…men & women wore dresses way back then. (American) Women (& women in many other lands) wear pants now just as men do and are not thought of as breaking gender rules (yes I know they kinda had to fight for it). Only recently (in America) have men been ‘allowed’ to wear kilts as manly fashion without getting too much flack for it. …ok…I think I’m done. Laterz!

Raven 12 - Utopian Weekend 10-10-12

2 weekends ago was the 12th Raven event Hosted by Jen Bryant at The Raven which has an Award Winning Restaurant with a Bar & Club. This was my 3rd visit to a Raven event. Original plan was to stay for the whole weekend but it turned out that my weekend was kinda double booked (would have been triple booked if i'd attempted to go to Phil-Con which I realized I couldn't do). At Raven 11 Paula and I Went to the Saturday Dinner & Dance Party and Sunday morning Breakfast at the Eagle Diner. This time we went to Sliders Bar & Grill on Friday night...Fashionably late (as takes forever for Paula to get ready) While there we met up with some familiar faces and made a few new friends. I got some yummy food from the bar (and a few drinks) everything was pretty good. We had some pretty awesome discussions as well. We had a discussion with Lisa Empanada (guest writer of this post) about Straight crossdressers. ...Ok...It kinda came up due to a major Faux-Pas which I committed. I mistakenly referred to Paula in the masculine. Something I never do when referring to her know...where I can edit myself when I make a mistake... The thing is, I usually see Paula in guy mode. Also Paula doesn't care if she is referred to in the masculine or feminine. Also knowing we were in the company of ‘like’ individuals I guess I was a lil more lax. I think it has to do with the divide of not really feeling like a girl but enjoying her feminine side. Well...most of it was Lisa asking Paula questions about straight crossdressers. Lisa is a trans-Girl. She identifies as female and doesn't really 'get' people like Paula who...are fine living their male lives but also like to indulge their feminine urges. It was quite interesting hearing the uber masculine things Lisa did before she became Lisa.

I was also surprised...the whole weekend how many of the Gurls were married to women. I was told by one that she considered herself a Trans-Lesbian. She believes if she were born female she'd still be attracted to women. More of the girls were married to women than I expected. I was kinda surprised  I think I'd just grouped trans-lesbians with straight crossdressers...but...I guess technically that's not true even though..I guess physically it's true. I'd always thought to myself that if I were born male that I'd be attracted to females but I was born female and am attracted to males...but I lean towards pretty/androgynous males...or males that dress like females...that look like hot chix when dressed en-fem. :D 

While we were there I told Paula, "Ok, I didn't really plan on coming tonight. I came because you wanted to come. This is a meet & great, so...go meet someone new and make friends." So I had Paula lead the way & I followed. Paula walked up to a gurl neither of us had met before & introduced herself. Her name was Charlene...or was it Charlize  It turns out that she was there because we were there. She is on the same meet-up group that we are in. She noticed that a majority of the girls on the group are way older than us but that Paula and I were around her age. That gave her confidence to come out. (Whoot!) She & Paula exchanged email addys and we all made tentative plans to hang out and see a movie. We hung out with her most the rest of the night. There were a few photo sessions that happened. Jen was posing on a pool table and other girls joined in posing on the pool tables. Even Paula joined in. I took a few shots of Paula on the pool table. Then we took a few shots in the foyer. Then the party continued at The Raven’s dance floor. Our new friend took some pics of Paula & I on the dance floor. I took a lot of pics of our new friend with her camera as well all night. She wasn't ready to have any pics taken by any camera but her own.  We left around 1:30-ish AM and picked up my good friend Jerome from a karaoke party that I couldn't attend due to the meet & greet. He was my stand in for the night with my karaoke host Dr. Thunder (yes we also do parties). We had a sleepover at my house where I got a little sleep.

I woke up a few hours later on Saturday morning. I had a religious assembly to attend from 9am-4pm. Went there and got back to my place around 5pm. Paula had already started getting ready. Jerome was just about ready. I got the rest of Paula’s make-up on her after I finished up the corset that we’d started on Friday (which I didn't mention earlier. Made another duck tape corset, this time w/boning. Paula lost a good deal of weight since we made the first one and it no longer fit properly.) I needed to put/hammer the eyelets into the corset that was nearly permanently attached to Paula the night before (I cut it off of Paula before I went to sleep). I also had to take in Paula’s red dress, she had gotten it online and it was bigger than expected. My mom helped with that by pinning it while on Paula so that I could sew it when I was finished with the corset (yes my mom is also cool with CD’s). I got myself together as quickly as I could. I wore a women’s pinstriped suit with a Black & Gold tie, and we were off. We got there…I think around 7:30PM. We were seated by the fire. Jen’s Official Photographer took a few pictures of us. We got/ate our delicious meals. I had a Manly Meal of Ravioli…Jerome had Chicken cordon blu and Paula had a chicken salad…she couldn't eat much in that corset. We saw some familiar faces from our seats as well. After we were done eating it was time to Party!

I handed the camera duties to my good friend Jerome while I go touch up my make up in the ladies room where I met another lovely lady who is married to a woman. She says when she’s dressed as a girl she feels like a girl. When she’s dressed as a man she feels like a man. I think she said she considers herself a trans-lesbian. I put on my lip color and I was off to dance & have a good time w/o having to worry about taking pics, yay! But, of course…I was a bit shy to start dancing right away…this looks like a job for Liquid Courage!!! Had a bit o’ booze. And did a bit o’ dancing mostly w/ Paula. We met up with our friend from the night before, Charlize (I really need to ask her how she spells her name), and the 3 of us danced a bit. We put what few flyers I had for my blog in Jeromes hat. Looked like a press hat after that. And he was off taking pictures of just about everyone there. At some point I met up with one of my online friends that had come to the previous Raven event but I couldn't find on that day. I saw the many tattoos and saw the face and it was them!!! Chris & her Fiancee, 2 beautiful blondes, I had to get pics with them. I planned on meeting up with them again later but, alas, t’was not to be. I also saw a GG I had chatted with at Raven 11, Maureen, was nice to see her there again & it’s so great that she supports her husband’s crossdressing! I went outside a few times; it was a bit chilly, I was so glad I had decided to wear pants at this Raven event. I sat with Paula and met a new gurl there. I think another Straight CD. We had a nice conversation which I mostly forgot cause I’d been drinking. (I really need to keep a notebook with me at these events so I could write down names and key things to remember.) Jen came and then…and then… I called Lisa, Jen. I’d have been wayyyyyy embarrassed if I were sober (but had I been sober I wouldn’t have made that mistake) But after my sincere apologies and praising her for her grace & beauty she forgave me and came over to have a picture with me. (wow…I had been rubbing Lisa the wrong way a bit too much that weekend) Unfortunately my camera started to act up around that time (I found out later that it was my external flash) so pics from about that time to the end of the night were half blacked out. Thankfully it happened at the end, instead of the beginning of the night. At the end of the night we all drove back to my place because staying locally for the night could get quite pricey. It would have been nice to stay closer and go out to breakfast w/ everyone but…maybe next time. It seemed like everyone had fun.

Monday, November 5, 2012


The end of last month, October, is somewhat of a crossdresser liberation time. The time, where crossdressers can crossdress in relative freedom knowing...they can always just say its a costume... reality thats less than Ideal. People would prefer to dress as they'd like whenever they'd like and not be judged harshly for it. Generally around halloween time is when it happens. Guys dress as girls, girls dress like whores (or atleast its generally acceptable to do so)... and everyone can get away with it with their reputations intact because its a 'costume'.

Which bring me to this year's festivities. I...don't celebrate Halloween, but I do LOVE to dress up in costumes. A friend, a couple of months ago, asked me if I'd come to a party if she had one cause she was scared no one would come due to her being in NJ and most of her invited guests are in Philly. I told her i'd come even if no one else did. She was at least relieved. Since I'm still borrowing Paula's car (long story) I invited Paula as well. I felt compelled to ask if Paula had ever dressed as a girl for Halloween. To which I was somewhat surprised that the answer was No. I got to thinking of some of the other CD's I know...some others have never donned girl gear for halloween as well, they were afraid they'd do or say something and be found out. Yet most of the Men I know have gone girl at least once in their lives for halloween. It's like a rite of passage. So I suggested Paula do so. Paula was apprehensive to do so especially since we were scheduled to go to a party at his friend's house as well but...I can be very convincing. I told Paula I'd dress as a guy, that way there would be less to no suspicion. I'd wear a suit & tie and even don a fakie beard/mustache. Paula agreed after that. ...Turns out his friend's party wound up being in Virginia...was a bit far so we just went to my friend's party. He was a bit relieved knowing he probably wouldn't see any of his friends.

So Saturday October 27th arrived. Paula and I step out to get a few things from a few stores. Paula was in desperate need of flat shoes. Paula found that the womens shoe size that is supposed to be worn is a size 13 and that Payless has that size. My mom told me there was a Payless in a mall near my house and we should try there first. Since we had to go to that same mall anyway to get a new wig we figured we'd try there. We went to the wig store and didn't really see what we were looking for at first. Walked around a bit more and decided on just getting a ponytail extension for the wig Paula already had. We wished we had the wig with us to check if the color was right...but it was. Pebbs is the awesome!!!

Next in search of Payless...which was not in that mall. But we did some browsing in the shops anyway. We came across the Rainbow clothing store. They had some sales so we figured a browse wouldn't hurt. What we found there was pretty awesome! We found a brand new ensemble for Paula there. New shirt, skirt, leggings, jewelry, only thing we didn't find were shoes...which was our next destination. Off we went to Payless to get shoes. We went to one in Delaware...I can't remember the strip mall's name... but it's on Rt 202...the mall that also has a 5 Guys next to a 5 below...coincidence? I think NOT! lol. So we went there and found that Paula did indeed fit a size 13 shoe. Also we found some very nice flats and some wedge heeled shoes that Paula found quite comfortable. I had a coupon for 10% off but the lady who worked the register has a coupon for 30% off that she let us use! Yay! The price for 2 pairs of size 13 shoes were $30...and like 26 cents or something like that... but basically $30!!! So Ladies, if you're looking for shoes sized 13 and below check out Payless. Their website will tell you which stores carry larger sized women's shoes.

Next we stopped by the dollar store. I needed mascara for my fakie beard. I tried to use my brand new Avon Mascara and...well...the bristles are perfect for my lashes but too advanced for my face. What I needed was a cheap mascara wand. At the dollar store I knew i'd find something to suit my purposes. I found a mascara and eyeliner pencil set for $1. I got it in brown/black because black was a bit too dark on me when I tried it out the night before. I also discovered that i'd look horrible w/ a mustache.

Back & the batcave aka my house we set to putting our looks together. Paula got all dolled up, with my help of course, using some new Avon products that I bought from...myself, as well as the Bare Minerals makeup Paula purchased on a previous outing with me (click here for details on that) we got Paula looking Great! All Dolled Up Paula looked like a teenaged girl going to the prom...even though the outfit wasn't traditional prom style. I even put a tiny tiara on Paula's head.

I...looked guyish. I braided my hair back the day before. I put mascara on my brows and below my brows to make them look bigger. I noticed, guy eyebrows are closer to their eyes and girls brows tend to be above the eyes a bit more. I also put mascara in the beard area. Gave myself a chinstrap at least didn't look bad on me. I borrowed a shirt & tie from a friend and wore my younger cousin's dress pants, he and I wear the same size and I borrow his jeans often. I wore my own blazer and my work shoes which are pretty unisex. Then we were off.

Ok so we left the house about an hour after we'd planned...Making Paula look perfect was time consuming. We got to my friend's house about an hour late. Everyone thought our 'costumes' were pretty awesome. I had Made my friend's Elf costume over the week leading to the party between having to work etc. Her costume was lovely as well. Her boyfriend was the wolf man and his twin brother went as...him. lol, at least thats what he told us. It was a fun time. Ended a bit earlier than expected so we went back to philly to Dr. Thunder Karaoke!!! Where I usually co-host. Karaoke that day was at Headhouse on Lombard Street in Philadelphia. We went there I sang a song or two. Met up with some of my friends there as well. Fellow Karaoke Hosts for TNT Karaoke, Ray & Marci. It was fun seeing them there in their costumes. Marci was Storm, from the X-Men. She looked Amazing! and Ray of the guys from KISS...I can't remember which guy...but he was Awesome as well!!! Dr. Thunder was dressed as...Viking Dr. Thunder! Which was also fun.

All in all it was a good night. As I reflected on my look for that night I had come to discover... I am not into looking fully like a guy. I like looking like a girl who is wearing guys clothing. I like my pinstriped suits and my fedoras but I will also wear lipstick & mascara cause thats what I like and how I like to look. Goy Style!


BTW, Below are some Pics. Are there any CD's out there who did dress as a girl for halloween? How's that go? I'd love to hear about it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Drag-Gasm 2012 - RuPauls Drag Race Edition

I nearly had a Drag-Gasm last night!!! Thanks to Paula (who got us VIP tickets), I saw about 90% of my Favorite Drag Queens all in one place at the same time up close and personal. I even got to take pics with them & hug them and...AAAAHHHH!!!! (I totally didn't wanna let Raven go) I was on cloud 9 all night! I made little cards for them to remember me by cause...well...I wanted to. I wanted to do something a bit extra. I spent days working on a lil photo compilation to give to them. I wrote a letter to RuPaul, which I wanted to ask Michelle Visage to give to Ru but I wasn't able to meet Michelle before or after the show so the letter is still in my bag :(. I personalized everything for everyone. I have recently started selling Avon so I included some lipstick samples in the envelopes, I even put temporary tattoos in each one. I did something extra special for Manila Luzon. I hand-made a card for my Favilla Manila that was very simple-ish with a couple of pictures of Manila & her dearly departed Sahara Davenport along with everything else stated above. I put the address of this blog on the lil picture cards, in case anyone was interested in knowing a bit more about the weirdo who gave them pics of herself... yeah.

I first saw the Absolutely Gorgeous Shannel! I...I Love Shannel. So beautiful, So nice! I had to take my pic w/ her 3 times cause the pics were blurry (accidentally left on manual mode...oops. finally put on auto focus for Paula to take pics for me). Then I went over to Manila and gave my card and had a pic w/her :). Manila seemed grateful for the card (though she, nor anyone else, opened their envelopes in my presence, they all had their cards sent up to their...changing room I guess) There were...kinda lines to get to each person so some waiting/pushing ahead involved with getting close to each one. Next was Miss Pandora Boxx. Love that funny girl Pandora!!! Was awesome to meet her! (and meet her again at the end of the night) Then we made our way over to the Gorgeous Jujubee. I Love Love Love these awesome Queens!!! While I was waiting for Raven, who appears right in front of me but Yara Sophia!!! I gotz pic w/her! Then Finally to my Raven! I have Raven hugs...and didn't wanna let Raven go! She Loved my Tika!!! Ok Everyone loved it & I made it myself (bonus awesome points for me!).

No more All Stars were there at that point. The ones that were there disappeared up the stairs. I spotted one of my Favie Queens of YouTube fame, Misty Maven!!! She was having a convo w/ some people so I waited a bit, got her attention and Got a pic w/ her :). I also told her about my blog, and guess what. She wants to Read it!!! AAAHHH!!! ...She may even read this post...where I'm yelling like a crazy person about her saying she wants to check it out...I should probably erase those few lines...but i'm not gonna :)

Next I saw some friends and sat in my seat next to Paula and waited, listening to some pretty good music, for half an hour or so before the show started. Show was AWESOME!!! Will be posting pics! After the show saw & got pics with my Philly Drag queens! The Goddess Isis, Porcelain, Omyra Lynn & Misty Maven!!! Gave them all the cards I had for them. Porcelain is soooo adorable looking in guy mode, even with the many tattoos. Omyra Lynn as well. Such good looking guys. I've seen Isis in guy mode as well...strikingly beautiful guy!!! And Male Misty is Gorgeous as well (though i don't think i've seen guy mode in person yet)!!! Next back upstairs and got a pic of Paula w/ Pandora and I got a pic with Tammie Brown. It was such an Awesome night!!! (I tried to catch up with Mimi Imfurst twice, each time I lost her before I could catch up w/ her, ah well)


(will post a link to the rest of the pictures when I have them uploaded)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Raven 11

Ok I have to start with Friday September 21st. Friday is not Raven related, though The Raven party started on Friday, but was awesome and I gotta talk about it! My good friend Kandice bought tickets for us to go to the Beats Antique Concert in Philadelphia a lil over a month ago. She wound up not being able to go because she had to go back to Massachusetts sooner than she expected. So she gave me both tickets so I decided to take Paula (in ‘guy’ mode) with me to the concert. Zoe Jakes = teh Awesome!!! It was one of the amazing shows I have ever seen live! Oh and Lynx! She was Amazing!!! I had never heard of her before but now I will never forget her! Her voice was beautiful…then…then…She Beat-boxes too!!! Wait… & she Raps! But like…she is Awesome! You don't know…you don’t know… I have clips (scroll to bottom of page for clips). So we went and it was an awesome show. Zoe even crowd surfed at the end of the show! Ok, Ok, now to the Raven.

Raven 11, Saturday September 22, 2012

Ok, so Paula and I drove up there a lil later than planned. I went to a housewarming party before the drive up and I lost track of time a bit…oops. We shared a room @ the motel owned by the Raven. When we got there, around 5-ish we started getting ready… took WAY longer than expected. Paula had to do a bit o’ shaving, meanwhile I had to pick up a few things from Rite-aid. I needed to get some clear coat for out nails as well as some q-tips and bobby pins. I got back and Paula had started applying the make-up as instructed but had a bit of trouble with the eyes. I did the eyes for Paula, helped style the hair and…well…helped with everything else that she needed help with. Meanwhile working on myself…we took so long we totally missed the Red Carpet! Ah well. We tried. The nails took a while. 3 coats of the silver then 1 coat of the black crackle. Loved how it came out! Looked great on Paula as well as myself. I had re-fashioned some of my jewelry so that Paula could wear it. Turned some of my fav earrings into clip-ons. A necklace I had brought for my outfit, before I got the perfect necklace a week before, was de-constructed and fitted onto another necklace that went with Paula's ensemble. Then another matching necklace that I grabbed before leaving the house that just happened to match perfectly and also a nice noisy anklet from my jewelry collection. Paula looked like a greek goddess! Next on to getting myself together. Thankfully i'm quite used to handling my own makeup in a generally quick way. Then into my dress & shoes and we were off. We were staying at the cabin in the woods, which was across the street and up the block a bit from Raven. We decided to walk...was not the wisest thing to do in 5inch heels... But we did. When we finally got there it was maybe 8pm. Dinner started at 7:30pm so we were a bit late. When we arrived there we met Jen, the organizer of the event, and had a bit of a chat and also met a few other lovely ladies. Then we headed in and actually got seated in the dining room. was in a cramped corner, but whatever, we were in the room w/ everyone else who were there for the party. We ordered and then I got up to say hi to a few people. I met a married couple. Was their first outing to one of these events. I was recognized as being the writer of this blog. We had a nice convo. The out appetizer came out. As I made my way back to the table I...tripped on my dress & knocked over Paula's drink onto the bruschetta...oops. Our Awesome waiter, Marty, came over and remade out table and quickly got us another one...I decided to stay seated for the rest of dinner so as not to destroy more food. I had the salmon & Paula had the grilled chicken salad. The food was awesome! After dinner we had a really nice conversation with Marty. Marty is also a Drag performer at the Raven!!! I would LOVE to see a performance! Maybe one day I will get to see him perform. We also conversed about crossdressing and my blog.

Next off to the dance floor...kinda. We went to the dance hall area and I was immediately called over by a lovely crossdresser. I thought she wanted to talk about my blog...but she wanted to take me out to dinner. 2 seconds in there and I was already getting hit on! lol. Since I came there with a date, I thought it might be rude to set up a date with someone else while already out on a date. I gave him a flyer for my blog and went to the other side of the hall to look for a seat so I could put down my camera and rest my feet (5 inch heels...yeah...) I was determined this time to try to keep my shoes on all night, where as last time the shoes came off about half way through the night and most pics of me were shoeless.

I set about taking some pictures and mingling a bit. Saw a few people I remembered from my last visit to Raven including Allielee & Jamie. I also saw a few people whose names...i just can not remember. I wish my memory for names was better. Paula and I had a seat in the gazebo and got into a conversation with another person named Jamie. Jamie lived in NY but was in the area, one of Jamie's friends told her about the Raven event happening that night so Jamie came. Jamie is the 2nd Married (to a GG) CD I had met that night. Jamie's wife accepts it and has gone out with Jamie while Jamie was dressed as Jamie, which I think is Awesome!!! Reena came over and spoke w/us as well. Reena is also married (to a GG) but Reena's wife isn't into it, but doesn't mind if Reena goes out and has fun dressed up, but at least she doesn't make Reena restrict her from dressing at all. It was about then that we took a nice group picture (which I used for my facebook page 100 likes as pictured below).
After that we went back into the dance hall. I had a few drinks and the liquid confidence kicked in and I was able to dance a bit w/o feeling too self conscious. My dress was altered, by me. Originally the dress was just a black & silver mini dress. I added a tear-a-way train to it. I made it tear away so that it wouldn't get tripped on or trampled upon on the dance floor (I tripped over it enough myself). So dancing time started and within seconds the train was off & tucked away in my bag. When I was tired of dancing we went outside again and we met another couple who were sitting under the gazebo...another married couple! 3rd married CD couple (ok, 2nd where both persons were in attendance) of the night!  We had a really nice conversation with them. i think we had the longest of our discussions with them...and i can not remember their names. I blame all of  the long island ice teas that i drank...probably shouldn't have had so many.

Went in danced and talked some more. The night ended, took off my shoes and walked back to the room. The next morning Paula & I were kinda late to the breakfast meet up (I was helping Paula get ready, took a lil longer than expected) Went to the diner and had breakfast. First time for Paula out in the day time...and at a diner with a mixed crowd which included the elderly & children with Paula dressed as Paula. We missed meeting up with Jen, but she did say she saw us through the window and that Paula looked great.

All in all, it was a very nice time. Can't wait till the next one. Sorry it took so long to finish this post. While at the diner I started feeling sick and I was sick for a good 2 weeks. Was hard to write while sick. Other issues happened and well... I'm finally finished. I do have Pictures & Video (of the Belly Dance Performances) which I will post links to here.

I am curious about something. I have over 500 hits a month on my page and only 2 subscribers... Its a bit disheartening to have so few subscribers, but it makes me feel a bit better seeing so many hits. I just wonder if my subject matter is too embarrassing to subscribe to?  I guess it might be but I'm not embarrassed.

I Love you ALL! Ans now for links to Pics & Videos!

Raven 11 Pictures by Pebbles

Friday, September 28, 2012

Paula's Perspective - CD learns how to apply Make-Up

I had Paula do a write-up on her perspective of the whole make-up situation (CD learns how to apply Make-Up). I think it's good to hear both sides of whats going on. Since I'll never truly be on the other side, I find it interesting to know how one is feeling about the same situation. And so I present another 'Paula's Perspective' which will probably become a regular feature as Paula continues her adventures in crossdressing.

I should apologize first I think I’ve been holding up Pebbs blog. I’ve been meaning to write this since we had our trip to the store but between the excitement of the raven party and a rough week at work haven’t had much time here we go though :).

I think I went into Monday totally looking forward to it and totally panicking at the same time. I haven’t been outside dressed other than the first raven party, and even shopping Pebbs has carried the clothes to cover for me. This one was going to be obvious that I was getting made over. I was really nervous about it but I stayed calm since no one I know goes to that mall, and Pebbs was there helping keep me calm.

It actually was pretty awesome they showed me a lot of tips. The woman helping us was really nice too she was polite and helpful. She showed me good ways to brush the makeup on instead of just trying to sell it to me. (I’ll admit I need a lot more practice to get better at it) It was pretty subtle most of the way which was tough for me. I have a double disadvantage in addition to being new to dressing up, I’m color blind so a lot of shades look identical to me. They were pretty nice though and helpful even there doing there best to pick out colors I could see a difference in. The blush was pretty easy to see, and the eye shadow was a pinkish and dark grey color it made it easier to see where they were doing all of the makeup to try and make a note of how they put it on.

It was totally cool though I could see the face getting smoother and the contours as she worked at it but there was one point without the wig that I had trouble visualizing it. I thought I looked a bit like the joker from batman… once Pebbs insisted I try the wig on and I looked in the mirror wow… what a change I could totally see girl mode sitting there… despite my guy shirt hehe. Pebbs wanted me to wear the makeup out but I was getting nervous there had already been a few people who came in the store, they didn’t say anything or act weird but I felt pretty self conscious already. Did have the weird feeling I haven’t had since I was a kid playing around with whatever makeup I could get my hands on. Where I’d take it off but then feel certain that it was obvious I’m still wearing it like my lashes looking girly, lips looking fuller… I know it wasn’t true and I looked normal but still made me nervous until we got home and I could finish scrubbing hehe.

Then I got to go back to Pebbs place and get all dressed up in my new dress, try on some stockings, and Pebbs made me awesome jewelry to go with it. I couldn’t wait for the raven party now, but that will be an update for next time. A weekend of dancing and having fun with pebbs in girl mode deserves it’s own post. :)

In the meantime I better get back to practicing I want to be able to do more of my makeup by the next raven party so that Pebbs won’t have to work quite as hard at doing hers and mine.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

CD learns how to apply Make-Up

A month or so ago I stopped by Bare Escentuals to price some replacement make-up. While I was there I decided to inquire as to whether or not they apply make-up to males. I explained that I write a blog about straight crossdressers and that I was impressed with their teaching me how to apply make-up 4-ish years ago, and I wondered if they’d do the same for males who want to look female. They told me that they do and have. They even went on to tell me a few stories. I was quite pleased that I would be able to bring men there to learn how to make themselves look girlish without the use of make-up with harmful chemicals. They told me the best times to come are Monday-Thursday evenings. There are usually less people in the mall and even less in the store. I was told to call in advance for an appointment.

 The original plan was to take Paula to Bare Escentuals on Wednesday night. I called and set the appointment explaining I was bringing in a male to have a makeover. …then I remembered that I had work Wednesday night. I called Paula up and asked if *he were free that night (Monday) and he was. I called back and set the appointment to just a few hours from the time I called. I picked Paula up and we headed to the Christiana Mall in Delaware. Paula brought along his new dresses (which had come in the mail that day) and his wig…in a duffel bag (ah the trusty duffel bag that every crossdresser has, or at least has had, for storing his girl things). We headed to the store and told them who we were and the lady there started on his face.

She started out with their basic ‘Get Started’ kit which included a foundation, mineral veil, brushes. She even showed how you can cover up the old 5 o’ clock shadow with just a few strokes using the concealer brush. That’ll totally come in handy. She showed him how to do some natural looking contouring on his face. It was quite interesting to see. Since, at that point, paula was unsure of  what color dress he’d be wearing to Raven 11 (either a red dress or black one) the make-up artist decided to go with a light pink & smoky eye combo that she figured would go great with either color. After she was done I took a picture of Paula’s face …but… well… I couldn’t really see if it looked right w/o the wig on. So I pulled the wig out of the trusty duffle bag and put it on Paula’s head and took another picture. Now I could see it and it looked Great! Before we left… he took all of the makeup off, we were in a populated mall after all and he was dressed as a guy. I would have loved to have him stay in the makeup so that I could see him in his new dresses all made up, but that wasn’t to be. We did go back to my place and had him try on the dresses. One was way too big. The other one was just right. I fashioned some accessories for him. I made a pair of my favorite earrings into clip-ons for him to wear. I also made a necklace, and extended the chain of an anklet. All he needs now is a ring and maybe a  bracelet or two and his look is complete…though…he really doesn’t need either of those and he’d still look great. On Saturday I and all in attendance at the party will see how well he learned how to apply make-up from the lady at Bare Esentuals. …but if it doesn’t look great…I’ll probably help him out. I mean, he is still a beginner. I’m amazed he agreed to actually go into the place…inside of a mall, to learn. He’s definitely got guts! …Or maybe he just really trusts that I won’t let anything go wrong. Well…I guess we’ll know if I can get him to write about his perspective of the experience. J

*(The reason I used the pronoun ‘he’ is because he was in guy mode most of the time and he doesn’t care what pronoun is use when referring to him. I asked)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jen Bryant's Fall Fantasy (Raven 11)

Paula & I Plan on attending our 2nd outing to this CD/TV/TS/(insert preferred acronym here) & Admirers event in a CD friendly town. The first one we went to I posted about Raven 10. We had a Blast! I also met a few people who read this blog (Awesome!). If all goes well I will be at this one in the dress I talked about in the previous post (in its soon to be altered state). Last time I was there my guest contributor Lisa Empanada was there as well. I hope to see you there! I shouldn't be too hard to recognize. I'll most likely have a camera in my hand most of the time. 

(Copied from the event posting from Meet-Up group T-Girls United

Jen Bryant's Fall Fantasy (Raven 11)

  • Saturday, September 22, 2012
    9:45 PM
  • 385 West Bridge Street, New Hope, PA

    You couldn't miss us if you tried

  • Yes Raven 10 is over, and I hope that everyone has finally recovered and gotten on with there lives...I know that for me it was really hard going back to the real world after spending 3 days surrounded by the most amazing group of people one could ever meet. As one friend put was many many good vibes...and mostly so much kindness shown towards one another. This was not an event my was more like the beginning of a movement. We were seen at swimming in the pool, we were seen at McDonald's, we were seen at the Diner, we were seen throughout Main street...yes my friends we were seen!!!...we took over Sliders (so called straight bar)...straight bar my ass...we owned it!!!...yes, we were seen, but not only that, we showed a whole community how beautiful we are. We show respect and ask nothing but the same...we smile at others and now find we get smiles in return. Surreal?...yeah for sure...but here's the thing...get used to it, New Hope looks forward to our events now, and the next event will be bigger and better than any other. Sooooooooo many plans are being worked on and will be announced as we get closer to the date. So, that being said, I am pleased to announce The Fall Fantasy (Raven 11) will be held on September 22nd at the Raven Resort. If possible try and come out Friday night as well. For those of you that have attended in the past, please try and make it, YOU are part of something great, and for those that have not yet attended, WHAT could you possibly waiting for? Don't you deserve a lil' happiness?

    Please RSVP NOW
    Warm Hugs,

    Jen Bryant

CD Shopping day fail

This past weekend I took Paula shopping for the second time (for the first time click here), but this time, things didn't work out so well. We were using Paula's car because, as you may have read, I don't have a car anymore. While on the way to our first store Paula notices the cool/hot indicator was approaching hot. Went into the first Jo-Mar store and looked around...nothing of great interest was there that day. We left with only some hair accessories for my kid. As we were driving to the next store Paula noticed white smoke coming from the hood and the indicator indicated that the car was Hot. We pulled into a nearby Wawa parking lot and walked to K-Mart, which was less than a block away, and brought some premixed coolant, let the car cool down and poured the coolant into the car. Waited a little while longer & decided to continue our drive to the next Jo-Mar store (there are 4 that I frequent, great prices). Before we got there the car was smoking again. We were able to make it to the store. Parked in the lot and went in. Figured we'd stay in the store long enough for the car to cool at least an hour. We still didn't find any clothing for Paula, but we did find something for me. I had no idea what to wear for Raven 11, but we found something (I do plan on altering it a bit since I feel it's a bit on the short side). I also picked up some shoes and a book bag for my kid. We finally left the store, still with nothing for Paula, we got in the car and attempted to get back to our homes. Well about 5 minutes into the drive you can probably guess what happened. More white smoke and overheating. We were just able to get off the Super Highway (Roosevelt Bvld part of US1) when the car stalled out. We still had to push the car to a safe location, which was just around the corner, and call/wait for AAA. Thankfully I have AAA plus, which has 100 miles of free towing. We had them tow the car to Paula's usually auto-body shop which, thankfully, is near Paula's moms house. Paula's mom was able to pick us up in a car and drop me off home.

It could have been worst but...It could have been way better as well. Its probably a good thing Paula didn't find anything because...well...that money will be needed for the car repairs. In a couple of weeks we plan on trying again to see if we can find something new for Paula, though...I think Paula should just wear that blue dress and be done with it.

Next thing on the agenda. Get Paula's measurements so Paula can shop online for girlie clothing & know what size to buy. Cause...well...we haven't done that yet.

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Car Accident, Stress & Slacking off

I have been a busy slacker lately. About 3 weeks ago I was in a car accident. So since then I have been in various states of depression, pain & acceptance. I have also been essentially car-less. Car-lessness should have nothing to do with my blogging but the stress of having to figure out how i'm going to get to work and the stress of...just everything involved has had me put blogging on the back burner. I have attempted to blog many many times. I'd either get distracted or get called in to work or have to do something else that takes up my time. I will have some new posts soon.

Thank you all for your support. Special thanks to my Beautiful CD friends who have contacted me on Yahoo Messenger and have sent their well wishes.

Thank you all and I hope to be back soon with interviews and insights.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Raven 10, Paula's first CD night out!

This is Paula's point of view of Raven 10.

Even though I knew when Pebbles and I went shopping (also see CD Shopping Day part 2) that we were planning on going to this party, It didn't really feel real until I found myself standing outside all dressed up. Getting ready was awesome as Pebbles helped me out with everything especially the corset. I think she likes torturing me a little bit :). Then she took care of my makeup and nails. I'd never had long nails before and I guess it's something you have to get used to. I quickly realized, the long nails made it hard for me to do just about anything with my hands. Between the corset keeping me from bending and the fact that i'm not super good in high heels, I was totally helpless, but Pebbles looked after me :).

Stepping outside was a total first for me. I knew this was the part I was going to get most nervous. I'd never been outside dressed up before. You'll probably hear that alot from my posts though since so much of this is firsts for me. I could feel my heart racing when we stepped through the front door. I know the area was pretty quiet since it was early and no one was around but I felt panicked anyway. Then we got to the car and the keys were still inside the house. I don't think I was able to calm down until we were sitting in the car. Once we were sitting in the car and on the road I felt fine again.

The ride was pretty fun though. We got to listen to some good music and I had a moment where I realized the duality of my existence as I was explaining why I like UFC better than boxing while I was wearing a pink dress and high heels. Once we reached the Raven we went inside to the dining area and I felt really comfortable there were so many people dressed up and I got to meet Jennifer Bryant and Lisa Empanada right away, they were both really friendly. I introduced myself to them as Paul at first... okay i'll admit a rookie mistake but I've been introducing myself that way for 31 years... They didn't give me too hard of a time about it though :)

The only problem was that there wasn't anywhere for us to sit inside and eat with the others. So we went to sit and eat outside, but there weren't any other cd's out there so I started to feel a little exposed though, I probably would have chickened out if not for Pebbles but it was cool and everyone was really polite. A drag queen who wasn't dressed up time came over and helped out with my wig a little bit. Once we finished eating we went inside and hit the dance floor. It was fun being around everyone. I think I described it to Lisa when she asked about me dancing that i'm a bad dancer normally and that adding a dress and heels doesn't make me better. :) Still had fun though and got to spend a good while dancing with Pebbles, as long as I was getting to dance with her I wasn't really focused on whether i'm a great dancer or not :)

We took a quick trip out to the car to get Kandice a water bottle and I finally surrendered to the feet and went barefoot most of the rest of the night. That was a new record though for me, i've never worn heels for that long.

It was totally an awesome night I got to be dressed up all night, meet alot of great people, dance with a gorgeous girl, and even got a really nice kiss good night. Can't think of a much better night than that. I cant wait for the next party on 9/22, hope that we're able to make it and get to see everyone again :)

Car Accident

Ok, so Monday July 30th, I got into a car accident. Since then I have not had time to update my blog or even post my Otakon Pics. I decided to take Pics with as many genetic males in skirts or dresses (kilts count) as i could (I don't know if any of them are or aren't crossdressers or if any are straight or not, though I believe one of the guys in a kilt said he was gender queer). I had this idea pretty late into my weekend, Saturday night, but I decided to run with it anyway. In my next update, hopefully within the next few days, I will post pics, which I have yet to upload. Please forgive me for not being prompt in my uploading and blogging, i've just been very busy/stressed/in pain. I'm not seriously injured, thank GOD for side curtain airbags!!! (My car was hit...I didn't take pics)

Talk to ya soon!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Raven 10

On Saturday last week I attended Raven 10 with my friend
Kandice & the lovely CD that I took shopping, Paula. Paula picked up Kandice up from her brothers house and headed to my house. Once there Paula went about prepping her face for the make-up. Next I showed Paula the necklace I put together for her (we also made clip on earrings on a previous occasion). I did a little bit of last minute shopping on my way home from work and got Paula a large heart shaped ring that went well with the necklace she was wearing. (I got stockings for myself)
The ring was a lil small so I used my jewelry crafty skills to make it fit better. Next I painted her toenails a silver color I had sitting around. not a makeup artist, but I tried my best and applied some makeup to Paula's face. Next on with the corset that we made a few weeks back. (When I saw him last I demonstrated how to put on a corset without assistance) I pulled it nice and tight. She's not quite ready to do it on her own. Next on with the dress, wig & accessories. Paula wore her pink shoes to accent her pink dress perfectly. We left the house a little later than planned (so we missed the red carpet). Now was the part that made our dear Paula the most nervous... Actually leaving the house for the first time fully dressed and made up as a girl! So, I ushered everyone out of the house and realized I left the keys in my house. This made Paula more nervous because she had to stand outside my car (with Kandice) and wait a minute or 2 for me to grab the keys and get back outside. Fortunatly for him, my neighborhood was dead. No one was outside at all. Once we were in the car Paula felt much more at ease. Next a 1.5 hour drive to New Hope. We got there at about 7:30pm. We put our lipstick on, put everything we needed in my bag and got out of the car. We got inside Raven and looked around for the dining room. It was quite crouded in there. We walked around the dining room looking for 3 seats together. While looking I spotted Lisa, my guest blogger who wrote How to 'PASS', Guaranteed!!!. I also spotted the event organizer Jennifer Bryant. I introduced Lisa to Paula and Kandice. Lisa and Paula exchanged a few words and we were off to look for seating again.

We couldn't find any in the main hall, so we were invited to sit out in the outside seating area.  There weren't any other cross dressers out there, but the weather was nice and we were all we dealt with it.  We ordered some appetizers, wine, and soda for Paula (because she was our designated driver.)  Eventually another person sitting at another table came to talk to us.  It turns out he was a drag queen and didn't know that the Raven event was happening that night.  The drag queen guy teased Paula's hair with a fork to make it less wig-like. After we finished eating we went back to the main restaurant and then to the dance floor.  We found a seat and put down our cameras and bags.  Kandice started belly dancing, mostly to an empty floor and showing everyone up.  I started taking some pictures outside, mingling, met a few people and gave my cards out to those people.  Went back in and did a little dancing myself.  Went out to the car and got some water, went back in...more mingling more dancing...etc.  Finally got my picture with Lisa though!  Took pictures with and of a few other people, some who read my blog.  Chatted with Rena, who was starting to read my blog a few weeks ago and was commending me on my work for the community.  Reena was talking about life, etc.  Had so many kind words about my blog that night that I truly felt appreciated, and that my blog actually means something.  I'm just glad that my words are not useless.  If nothing else they make people feel good :)  Eventually it was over and we had to go.  I didn't get to meet my friend that I planned on meeting, maybe I'll see him another time.  Thankfully I didn't have to drive home because frankly...I didn't feel like it.  Paula drove home and Kandice slept in the back of the seat.  Came back to my house, everyone passed out after that.  The end! (ok...i might add to more details...sleepy time)

Monday, July 16, 2012

CD Shopping Day part 2 - Paula's Perspective

This is another Guest Post. This one is from Paula. This is Paula's perspective of the CD Shopping Day. Paula, you have the floor!

Dressing up has been an on and off thing since I was in high school, but it’s also been pretty private none of my friends or family know. Which is fine because it’s not really their business anyway, but also since no one has ever known I’ve never really gotten much help or bought things so I know less about everything than I guess most other cross dressers. I’d met Pebbles a few times and we’d had fun hanging out so when she offered to help me shop for some things I was pretty excited. I’m not saying I wasn’t really nervous but Pebbles being with me made me feel ok about it. On my own I would never EVER have gone out to do something like this. She picked me up and we headed out to the first store checking out some dresses. Pebbles carried everything most of the time so it wasn’t embarrassing and the store wasn’t real crowded either which was a plus, once we got to the step of trying them on I started to get a little nervous, but Pebbles stood right outside the door keeping watch. Still had a jolt of fear each time we opened the door a crack so she could see how they looked. It went smooth though and no one noticed or said anything and three of the dresses were pretty great. Including a pink one that I think she uploaded a pic of on here that I wore to the Raven party.

We picked them up out paid for them and a makeup case and it was on to the next part of our trip and I think where I might have been my most nervous. We got to a shop that Pebbles knew about to try and find the right wig. I probably should have expected to try one on since I mean we’d need to know how it looked to get the right one. However, I hadn’t really even considered that and when she asked which ones I wanted to try on there was probably an audible GULP sound effect. Pebbles told the sales lady that it was for a costume party and she didn’t seem to mind if we tried them on as I sat down I honestly felt like everyone was staring at me… To be honest I don’t have any evidence to suggest that anyone other than Pebbles and the sales lady were in fact looking at me at all, but whatever I was nervous and paranoid… It went ok though and we found a wig that we both really liked. So after an eternity… (probably 2 minutes maximum in not scared time) we picked up some lashes and a wig cap and hit the road.

We had another quick stop to get a bra and some things we needed to make a corset, and a nice break to get some dinner, before heading back to her place for dress up time. I would have been super nervous to be getting dressed up at all it’s something I’m very used to being embarrassed about, but Pebbles obviously already knew and let me know that everyone in her house knew and was ok with it. First we tried on the wig and then Pebbles got to work taping me up to make the corset, I kind of expected it to be tight and a little harder to breathe, but I didn’t think about how hard it would be to move, bend, and sit… It made putting on the dresses a lot easier since I fit them better, but also made putting on my shoes impossibly difficult since I couldn’t even reach the buckles. After a while though Pebbles and Kandice finished doing my makeup and I got to see myself all dressed up for the first time and got to show the three dresses while Pebbles took some photos. It was totally awesome, I kind of never expected to ever do anything like it. It was weird I’ve never really been able to look anything close to feminine and really didn’t imagine I’d look even ok. I thought I turned out really nice. I was actually a little disappointed to have to go back into guy mode, but… I would have had to answer a lot of questions if I showed up back at my house in that pink dress, and I’m not interested in letting my room mates in on things. Totally without question the best Monday in history.

I am Proud to have been part of the 'BEST MONDAY IN HISTORY!'
I think Paula looked Great!
Hmmm... Maybe this could be a side venture. Taking closet CDs out shopping. LOL, would be fun for me :)

See Ya Next time!

Pirate Pebbs!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Event I will attend: Raven 10

Jen Bryant's Summer Sizzle (RAVEN 10)

I will be attending this event for the First time this coming Saturday. This will be happening in the town of New Hope, PA, which I have been told is very Trans-friendly. I will be attending with one of my Close GG friends, Kandice, and I will be bringing with me the lovely Gurl that I have had the pleasure shopping with and dressing up in my previous post. These parties are once a season and everyone Raves about them. I can't wait to go! Though...I still have not decided what to wear. Maybe I'll have it all figured out in time. 
Anywho, check out the the page. It's a FREE event. Party is at 9:30pm, there are happenings before then, like dinner, but...thats not free.

See you there!

CD Shopping Day!

A couple of weeks ago I promised a local straight CD I'd take him shopping. Finally settled on this past Monday as the day. I had found articles on making low cost diy style corsets using a t-shirt and duct tape.

I picked him up a lil after 5pm and we drove to on of my favorite discount clothing stores JoMar (there are several locations in the philly area) looked through the dresses area for a while till we found a few we liked. I carried around the dresses most of the time to be less conspicuous. We got about 5 dresses and headed to the changing room area. No one was really manning that area so he went in one of the lil rooms and I gave him the dresses. he tried them on one by one and he opened the door a bit so I could see the dresses on him. We liked 3 of them. At the register there were make up kits. We grabbed one as well. Next we headed to a wig store. The one I was used to going to relocated a few blocks away. (had to call my mom to find out where) the new store was Huge! Went in and looked at wigs. after about 20 minutes of looking (and several girls asking if I needed their help) we finally settled on 2 we liked. I finally let one of the girls help us. I explained to her that we were going to a costume party (kinda true, we're going to a CD/TG party on the 14th, more info to follow) and needed the wigs tried on him. She was like, "fine with me, as long as he's secure in his masculinity" ... or something like that. Of the 2 wigs, one stood out and looked Great on him. Things were starting to come together. Before we left there we picked up some wig caps and eyelashes. Next off to another JoMar location. We forgot to get him a bra! We found a bra with removable straps so that we could replace them with clear straps. We also got a t-shirt. Got a pink one for the inside of his duct tape corset. Next...we had to stop by boston market for some food. Not too much for him, he was gonna be taped in pretty tight soon enough. Next we went to lowes to get the duct tape. Then back to my house to put it all together. Fortunately for him...everyone in my house already knows of my interest in crossdressers so there is no weirdness. Everyone includes my visiting aunt who stayed in the guest room the whole time. My younger male cousin who dressed as a catgirl for halloween last year (yes i helped dress him...he was wearing my clothes), and my friend who is staying for the summer which is the one who did his makeup. 
First we put on the wig, next we made the corset. It worked out really well. Next we put the bra on him. It was a lil snug, we'll just buy some bra extenders at some point if need be. Didn't have any falsies available so we stuffed his bra with worked for the moment. Next he put on his pink platform shoes, which he discovered is much harder to put on while corseted. Finally, On with the Dresses!!! The first was a light pink cocktail (i think) dress with a plunging v neck line and a darker pink sash around the waist. It looked nice on him. While he was wearing it my friend applied some make up to his face. Her transformation was complete. This was the first time she saw herself completely in female form & she Loved it! Next was another pink dress. this time a darker pink halter style dress that looked even better than the first. Lastly a long blue strapless dress that was quite fetching on her. I took a few pics of each outfit on her then it was time to get out of the girl clothes. Last thing to do was to cut off the corset (then he could breathe normally again). Next I took him home. He was extremely grateful for the experience and help. This was his Best Monday EVER! I'm glad to be a part of it :)

Here are some Pictures... YAY!!! I got permission to post them as long as his face is not fully shown....Guess I can add additional pixilation if requested.

First the Duct Tape Corset, since that's what we started with (besides the wig)

Next on to the main Person of the Hour!
I did photoshop the shoes.
body hair removal also.
Let me know what you think. Feel free to comment here or on the Facebook page:

You can see us Both in New Hope this Saturday at: Jen Bryant's Summer Sizzle (RAVEN 10) Details to follow in next blog entry.

See you soon!

Pirate Pebbs

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm a Slacker, I'm Sorry :(

Ok, I have been slacking a bit...I apologize. I had a post typed up on the 10th and didn't get around to posting it. And now, because of a series of unfortunate events, I will not have my laptop back till at least Wednesday.

Anywho, I kinda hate the first CD dating site I started using. I am ready to delete my account. It is way too money hungry. If people like the site and can afford extras they'll pay for them. If they're broke, like me, and can't afford to, well, we broke people should be allowed to try to date people too, right? Wrong, according to them, I still have an account an a couple other free CD dating sites. The ones i do NOT recommend are: and These 2 sites are linked. & are gonna be the ones I go to most often now. Lets see, what else... Um...If you find me on facebook...I don't really add people I don't already know as friends...Sorry. I do have a FB page for this page and a FB fan page just...I feel bad telling individual people that I'm not gonna add them. There is just too much personal stuff on there. That being said, here are the links to the Public FB Pages I have:

My Pirate Pebbs Group:
My Pirate Pebbs Fan Page:
My Karaoke Page, Which is not Owned by me, but I am an Admin:
(if you're in philly and wanna sing, check it out)
And Last, but not least, The Straight Crossdressers Page:

Oh, I'm also on a Meet Up Group, T-Girls United, mostly Philadelphia area meet up for CDs and friends:

Stop By, say Hi, Like the pages, Join the groups. See Ya next time!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wizard World Philly 2012

Ok, so over the past week through now I have been working on my Wizard World stuff. I have a table with friends. I plan on doing face painting, selling jewelry that my kid and I made and I'll be giving out cards or flyers for this page, karaoke and...i've getting costumes together. Very Busy. I'll get a better blog post out next week.

One thing though. A bi CD I met on one of the sites i'm on told me they're getting married. So my Congrats Goes out to the happy couple. This is the second CD i've met online over the past year who had found love and is getting (or got) married! I LOVE happy endings! Wedding is scheduled in a few months. They want me to be the photographer, which i think is very cool, hopefully i can be there and photograph the event. If not, well, i'll at least go there and enjoy the celebration!

Below is a copy of the flyer i'll be handing out at Wizard World... and by handing out I mean they'll be sitting on my table while I paint faces and probably every dude I see dressed like a chick will probably get one. Will be double sided. Side 1 in color!