Monday, September 19, 2011

...This post comes nowhere close to my awesome first post...*sigh*

So I'd been thinking of dating crossdressers myself. Finally found a website that catered just to that. at least that's what I came across, which is actually a site linked to On there I have met many single crossdressers of various ages and openness. Some are just into wearing women's underthings privately and no one knows about it outside of themselves and their potential significant other, others go all out and wear their Womens' clothing regularly and in the open. I admit, most of the men I've encountered on the site are in their late 30's and above, but not all. I've seen as young as 18. Not every profile on there say they are interested in women but, from my limited experience, just about all would at least like some contact or input from GG's (genetic girls) on grooming or just friendship. A good number are looking for women though. I know there are thousands more out there who are not on that site but this is what I have access to right now. Mind you, these are free/for pay sites. Where sign up is free and they constantly bug you to pay to read messages etc. Some are there strictly for pleasure, others looking for a relationship with someone understanding. I hope to help the latter find someone who wants and cares for them for the person they are and who likes (or at least doesn't mind) what they wear. Many would love to be the Male Wife of some lucky GG :D

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  1. Oh. This the first I encounter you stating your interest in crossdresser. In a way I do understand how they feel about dressing up. Because women look so gorgeous in them. In Asia is probably a bit more common because their style of clothes are a bit unisex in a way. That's why Asian guy look a bit elegant in a way. In a good way. Well that's what I think. I'm 100% straight myself a love women. Dont like to dress in women clothing unless I'm dare to or it's my Halloween costume.