Thursday, September 8, 2011

And so it begins

Trans·ves·tite   [trans-ves-tahyt] noun
a person, especially a male, who assumes the dress and manner usually associated with the opposite sex.

I have been a fan of transvestites/cross-dressers (and Drag Queens) for many years. When I was a teen and RuPaul was very popular I'd watch his talk show I thought to myself, "I'd Love to marry RuPaul" I later found out he was gay, but that didn't make me admire him any less. An earlier interest was possibly stirred when I saw the movie 'The Labyrinth' as a kid. I always Loved David Bowie's characterization of the Goblin King. He wore obvious makeup and wore what looks like a women's blouse had just had something interesting and androgynous about his look. There were the also the musicians of the 80's who had that androgynous look, the Hair Bands etc. From there we have lots of cross-dressing cartoons and movies where men put on women's clothing to escape calamity. I loved the show Bosom Buddies where Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari dress as women to be able to afford an apartment.

Though, it should have been obvious to me, I've recently come to realize Crossdressers and Drag Queens are not the same. Drag Queens (like RuPaul) are generally 'Over the top'. They are über women. Their personal Super idealized versions of themselves as women. Whereas Bosom Buddies is cross-dresser style. Blending in with women. Trying to look as close to a natural woman as possible. Good enough to be able to pass as a woman. When I think of passing, I think of the mixed race/bi-racial blacks of yesteryear who would try their hardest to pass as white to have a better life, with many succeeding, and many others not being able to. Much like the cross-dressers of today who would like to pass as women, they too do it to have a better life. Some are able to because of having softer features or being very skilled make up artists. Others features are extremely masculine and could not pass as a natural woman. To be able to express themselves on the outside what they feel inside makes their lives better.

Which brings me to the Main topic of this blog.
Not all Male to female cross-dressers are GAY!
MOST cross-dressers are Straight.
>>But they wanna look like women so that they can get with guys...
Not always the case. Just because you put on a Nurse costume for halloween doesn't mean you wanna be a nurse.
>>Hey I dressed as a nurse all the time as a kid and went to school to become one, so Ha!
But that one year you were dressed as a pirate, explain that.
>>Uh...I pirated some software once...
But did you want to become a real pirate and cast off on a journey to seek burried treasure?
Did you enjoy dressing as a Pirate?

Same thing with our Straight Cross-dressing friends. They enjoy dressing like girls but don't necessarily want to date men. Though there are some that don't mind the company of men as well, Straight Cross-dressers are attracted to women. It is extremely hard for them to date. Most hide that part of themselves from their significant other (either forever or) until they feel that they have reached a point in their relationship where they feel they can reveal that part of themselves. Sometimes it works out but usually it does not. Most of the times they are found out by their significant other finding their stash of women's clothes. The women tend to feel insecure like they've been lied to. Most think that their man wants another man so they want to break up before that happens. I am sure there are plenty of women open to the idea of having a feminine man, if only they had the chance to know in advance. I believe there is someone for everyone. Maybe with my help these beautiful men can find the woman of their dreams. I hope to have a smokin' hot cross-dresser of my very own. :D

I plan on interviewing and photographing Transvestites as Male and Female in a very classy and flattering light. Maybe I can help some of the single cross-dressers find a woman to love and accept them for who they are and what they like to wear.

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